Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Update: 33 Weeks

I have an ultrasound this afternoon, so you don't get actual updates until tomorrow.
But how's this, anyway?

I've pretty much started taking offense at everything people say.
I'm trying not to, but it's hard.

For example, I had this conversation at the bank:
Becky: I would like to cash this check.
Teller: WHOA! You are going to have a baby!
Becky: Yep.
Teller: Looks like you've only got about a day or two left, huh?
Becky: A few more weeks actually.
Teller: Oh my gosh! I literally did not know women could get so huge!
Becky: *stunned silence for a moment* Thank you?

But the next day at church several women said to me, "Oh you look SO tiny for being pregnant with twins." Like they were complimenting my weight.
I might actually prefer the first interaction.

Don't belittle me. Don't downsize my pregnancy.
I am gigantic, and it's freaking hard work being so big. I eat absurd amounts of food, all day long -and not because I want to.
I lie in bed in severe pain because my back is doing so much work holding up my heavy stomach. I am now covered in highly unattractive stretch marks.
I can't put on socks, plug things into outlets, or pick things up if I accidently drop them.
I quit school and my job to stay home and incubate because getting as big as possible (and consequently growing these boys as big as possible) is my top priority.
So I don't like when people tell me I'm staying tiny. Because I have mirrors in my house, too, people.
I'm not tiny. I know it.

Although, in my defense, I have seen other women who are bigger than I am.  There's no way I'm the biggest woman that bank teller had ever seen.

So I guess what I'm saying is, I wish people would stop telling me what they think my body should look like.
I'm quite pleased with it myself.

Oh, and for the record, I don't mind if you say "You are looking so big!" You can say that to me if you see me. I am looking big.
I only mind the stunned disbelief that anyone in the world could possibly be so big.


Teeners said...

You make me smile. I think you look great. Yes, huge. But great. Like you say, you WANT to look huge. Because you want those babies to be healthy!

Brittany said...

People really do say the stupidest things. Once the boys get here, you'll get a flood of new stupid comments. "Twins?" "How do you tell them a part?" "Which one sleeps better?" "Identical?" "How big were they when they were born?" "Do twins run in your family?" "How do you do it?" "My brothers, wife's, sister's daughter has twins!" "I don't know how you do it." "Do they both cry at the same time?"

At first, I didn't mind it and took it as a compliment that people thought my babies were cute. It's getting to the point though, where I simply want to walk into a store, gather my things and leave without 5 strangers approaching me. Ugh. Obviously I'm venting now. People are just so weird.

Bonnie said...

yesterday a girl dared to say to me "you look like you can barely walk" I'm 90% sure she was just trying to make me uncomfortable.. you know how people can be. And i'm only 30 weeks... and not having twins.

Christy said...

I'm so glad it's not just me. I think they are trying to be nice when they tell me I look small for having twins (I'm 28 weeks) but it always makes me mad. I still have WEEKS to go here! I know I'm going to get gigantic and I don't mind at all-so don't belittle my giant tummy because my back is working hard to support me already!I love reading your blog-it is fun to see what I have ahead of me:)

MARCIE said...

That nothing,the very worst is when your kid is a year old and they still ask when you are due. Not funny people.

Polly said...

I thought the same thing as grandma Marcie, also it's bad when your husband says "I love you no matter how big you get". Do you love me if you need to help me roll over from one side to the other"

Anonymous said...

I hated when people told me, I didn't look like I was big enough to be having twins. It's hard because you're trying to gain all that weight for the babies and their well being. So to have someone say you're so small, just knocks all your hard work!

I think you're doing a fan-tab-ulous job and you're gaining all the weight the babies need. :)

Marge Bjork said...

OK, I'll tell you you look big. Just don't tell me I look big.

sienna said...

i'm so glad i read this, because i have probably said all of those things. i had no idea that people who were pregnant with twins didn't want to be told that they looked small. i guess it makes sense, but not having ever been pregnant with twins, i never would have known. i think that some people are just oblivious and some people just want to be nice, but aren't sure what to say and end up regretting whatever they do say.

anyway, you look great and i'm sure all your hard work will pay off in two healthy boys!