Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ultrasound Update! (33 Weeks)

No real pictures today, except this horrifying one that I just took.
In my defense, this is before I have eaten or showered, and I don't normally make that goofy face.
But voila! 33 Weeks.

3 weeks left.
Hopefully more than 3 weeks is left, but I meet with several doctors (since I now have to go to the doctor 5 times each freaking week) and two have suggested inducing me at 36 weeks, and one said anything after 36 is just "frosting on the cake" and I could be induced anytime after, and if labor starts on it's own they won't stop it.
I would LIKE to go into labor on my own, but we'll see what happens by the end of the month.

Anyway, the boys are still doing awesome and perfect. Of course.
Two weeks ago Baby A was 3lbs 11oz
and Baby B was 3lbs 10oz

and as of yesterday they weigh (drumroll):
Baby A: 4lbs 7oz (which means he gained 13oz... if I can do math correctly)
Baby B: 4lbs 11oz (which means he gained over a pound!)

Pretend I was only pregnant with one giant baby for a moment.
That's a 9lb 2oz baby.
Pretty respectable, if I do say so myself.

And remember when I said I have to go to the dr. 5 times a week?
Here's my schedule:
1 regular doctor's appointment a week.
1 ultrasound or AFI a week (measurement of the amniotic fluid in each boy's sack).
2 NSTs a week (measurement of contractions, movement and the heartbeats of each boy).
1 Lamaze class a week (which I think counts, because it's run by a nurse and held at the hospital).

Being pregnant is a full time job. People keep saying to me, "Want to trade places and you can go to work and I'll stay home and eat and sleep and be pregnant all day?"
Then they chortle, because obviously they think being pregnant is a cake walk.

Guess what.
It's not. It's hard work.
But, clearly, all my hard work is paying off. Such big boys.
They're going to be so freaking cute.
and hopefully chubby.
I pray for chubby babies.



Elizabeth said...

Holy COW! That's a lot of baby! Good job Mama! Your boys will be proud of all the hard work you have done for them!

Carol said...

That is really fantastic news. Little boys, keep growing! yea!!
Good job Becky.

Mary said...

wholly!! You are an awesome baby making machine so much baby!! You rock that body and keep those boys growing and strong!

The Spencers said...

I love your big tummy! Your doing an amazing job. I remember all those appointments, ultra sounds etc. It was hard work, especially when you have to walk from one side of the hospital to the other. But it was also nice to hear the hear beats, and see them on the ultra sounds, knowing that they were healthy and strong. Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

Hey, I would love to come to any appointments that you need company at. I know Travis can't come to all of them. I don't work on Monday, Wed, or Friday next week. James and I would love to keep you company. Let me know!

ritabobita said...

You're huge and adorable. I can't wait for you to have your boys. I am very excited for you and Travis. You are incredible for taking so much care of yourself for your boys!

Marge Bjork said...

ugh. are those men chortling? I would think any woman in her right mind could imagine just SOME of the woes of pregnancy (and joys too, sure).

Polly said...

I think you look great! It looks like you stuck a mixing bowl under your shirt. I on the other hand get fat all over. It will probably be easier for you to lose the weight too. lucky
I'm so excited to meet these new little babies!

The Stanley's said...

Love that belly!

MARCIE said...

Remember when you were here a year and a half ago and you did stick a big mixing bowl under your shirt? Not so funny now, huh?