Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ultrasound Update! (31 Weeks)

Ultrasounds are my very favorite thing ever!
I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and the boys are both in the 43percentile for weight, because they're back to being the same size!
If you remember two weeks ago (at 29 weeks) the babies were this big:
Baby A: 2lbs 12oz
Baby B: 3lbs exactly

Now they are THIS big:
Baby A: 3lbs 11oz
Baby B: 3lbs 10oz

In two weeks Baby A gained an entire pound!
Baby B gained 10 oz!
If they keep this up I'll be gaining over a pound a week in JUST baby fat.
And I currently have 7lbs 5oz of baby in me.
And I have 6 weeks more of gaining a half-pound a week per baby if all goes well.

Dang! That's a lot!

Here's how I look today:
Yes, I was on the phone when I took this picture.

Sorry, no pictures of the boys today. We did get a glimpse of Baby A's big lips and chubby cheeks, but it was too quick to get a good photo.



Polly said...

I'm so excited! You look adorable and so pregnant. Crazy!! How amazing would it be if you stayed pregnant another 6 weeks and the babies were both 7 pounds. Talk about tired and sore. You are an awesome baby maker!!

Mary said...

You are noticeably bigger since last time I saw you!

Teeners said...

I love it! So fun! Amazing that they both gained a pound! Wow!