Wednesday, March 16, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday- NICU

Here are some pictures of the babies in the NICU, and here is an update to boot.  

The babies now get to breastfeed every other feeding which means they're are getting about half their milk directly from me and half from tubes.  The neonatologist even said, "Get things in order at home and find a pediatrician because the boys will probably be home in about a week."  Hurray!  

The bad news is that means Travis and I have to drive to the hospital at 1am to feed the boys.  
But I guess its worth it.  

I mean, look at how cute they are:


 Look at all their blonde hair!  I love it!

 Micah and Grey. They're constantly yanking on those tubes. Grey pulled his out twice yesterday and Micah pulled his out this morning.
Sometimes they also try to pull out each other's tubes.

 I'm holding Grey and Travis has Micah

 Micah and Grey


And look at their handsome daddy! Such lucky babies.
And such lucky parents, too.



Polly said...

I need to come up with something original to say besides "So cute, I can't wait to hold them again." Thanks for all the pics

Brittany said...

^What she said. :)

Unknown said...

so cute! everyone looks so good and happpy! :)

Audrey said...

yay! they are sooo precious! Can I come see them when I come for graduation next month?? btw, I can tell them apart--Grey always has his eyes open, and Micah always has his shut =)