Monday, March 14, 2011

Bath time

Bath time is hard to photograph for many reasons.
Including the low lights, squirmy babies, and my crappy nifty fifty lens that I usually love but was too close for last nights events and wouldn't auto-focus so was a pain.

So here are a few crappy pics:

The boys laid in their bassinet and were sponged off a bit at a time by their mama and papa.
They didn't like being naked, but once we swaddled them up in a towel and washed their hair they were in heaven. They LOVED having their hair washed and combed.
Even though we gave them both combovers as a joke.
Man, they looked cute.
And they were so content just lying there being warm and clean and full.
Oh, and can you tell them apart? Mama can!


Mary said...

I love the photo of you washing Micahs head, that look on his face! Priceless and completely adorable, he's just so content, almost smug :)

Nana B said...

OMG they are soooooooo cute, and fuzzy photos, can't tell them apart. Their cheeks are so chubby now I just want to kiss them lots and lots. Don't know if I can wait till May.

Polly said...

So sweet, I can't wait to see them. Rebekah told me that she was taught a trick of wrapping the baby in a muslin blanket while you bathe them and they don't feel scared and they are happy. Guess what? She gave me 2 muslin blankets to give you, along with LOTS of Charlotte's white onesies.

MARCIE said...

These are wonderful photos. The babies just get cuter every day! I love the funny hats too. They remind me of little Swedish elves!