Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Interview with the Love Billionaire

We talk like this:

Becky: I love you.

Travis: How much?

Becky: Um, one billion.

Travis: What!?

Becky: Yep. One Billion Love Units.

Travis: So I'm a Billionaire.

Becky: Just a Love Billionaire.


Becky: I have a question for the Love Billionaire.

Travis: Yes, I'm now taking questions.

Becky: How does it feel to be so rich?

Travis: Well, you just try to live day to day, like any normal person. That's all you can do. The difference of course is that I'm better than normal people.

Becky: Haven't you heard the expression, "Can't buy me love?"

Travis: *scoffs* What do the Beatles know about love? They were just Love Millionaires. Being a Love Billionaire means I can afford things like a super hot wife and twins. 

Becky: You're very lucky.

Travis: I like to say, "Can't love me buy."

Becky: So wise.

Travis: or, I say "Can't you me you love."

Becky: That makes less sense. 

Travis: Just put it in your freaking article. Of course you don't understand it. Are you a Love Billionaire?

Becky: I guess not. But I sure love you.

Travis: That's just another Love Unit. Love-Money in the bank.

Man. Our kids are sure lucky to have such cool parents.
And to be the sons of a Love Billionaire.
Oh, and Happy Ides of March.



Brittany said...

That's great. I usually tell Josh that I love him a billion gallons of orange juice. I loooove orange juice, so that's pretty big. Being a love billionaire is much less dorky though.

And that picture is adorable.

Nana B said...

what a lap full of love!! Want to share?

Jessica D. said...

Oh man. You guys are awesome. You both have an awesome spouse, and you get to share in two very awesome twin babies. So much awesome.