Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spearmint Baby: First Ultrasound

Be sure to check out my post on Spearmint Baby this morning, I reminice about the first time I saw Grey and Micah on the ultrasound and we heard the technician say "Do twins run in your family?"
It was quite an emotional day.


MARCIE said...

It was fun to watch that ultrasound video again! The shock, the joy! And now they are home!

Carol said...

That was fun to see again. What a wonderful way Travis documented that special time. He did a great job and I love the music. It does bring tears to your eyes.

Meg said...

It was such a joy to watch that video!! My husband and I also found out about our twins at the ultrasound (I was 17/18 weeks). Our technician had zero bedside manner so the event was "memorable" in so many ways, other than the fact that we found out we were having twins. I remember laughing and laughing (uncontrollable, like when you're at a funeral and start laughing), just like you did. Thanks so much for sharing this! I'm so glad for YOU that you have this memory on film. We didn't videotape ours and I really wish I had! :)

Good luck with those boys~ you guys are in for a really awesome ride. :)

Lauren said...

Everything from your ultrasound to your birth story made me cry. Such sweet little boys.