Monday, March 21, 2011

Spearmint Baby

(I want to write the sound a trumpet makes, but I just can't figure it out...)

Introducing, the newest writer for the popular Mommy-blog, Spearmint Baby:

Yes, that's right! It's me!
I'm excited to announce that I have been "hired" (and hired has quotation marks, since I'm so not getting paid) to write a weekly piece for the blog Spearmint Baby.
I'm still not quite sure what my weekly article will be about, but Travis is currently in the midst of finishing a BirthStory home movie for my first real post after  today.

So, head over to Spearmint Baby to read my intro, browse adorable nursery pictures, submit your own birthstory, or find links to tons of other fun things.




suzie said...

so so so exciting.

Polly said...

Your sooo cool, I know I'm your mom and all, but I still think your cool. Becksterama the cool one...

suzie said...

also this is like the cutest new mom picture ever. my picture with elliot at the nicu is like disgusting and bloated and crying. but look at you! c-section? whatev! twins? bring em on! 2 1/2 weeks in the nicu? no problem! i'm just going to tie up some pig tails and get to work! love you!