Tuesday, May 3, 2011

6 hours

6 hours is how long Micah slept last night.
In a row.
He went to bed at 10:15pm and didn't stir until 4:15am.
Mama calls that "sleeping through the night."

I'm a hundred percent positive that it was a fluke and won't happen again.

Grey, on the other hand, got up every other hour to eat. His schedule went like this:
9pm-10pm: eat
10pm-11pm: sleep
11pm-12am: eat
12am-1am: sleep

It got old pretty quick.

Normally when one baby cries to eat I get them both up, otherwise just as I have finished nursing one and am lying down to a blissful hour of rest... the other cries.
But last night before bed Micah was hysterical.  He nursed for a half hour, and then while keeping his mouth around the nipple he would scream then suck for a few seconds, then scream then suck... it was so sad, because I think his stomach hurt or something but he wanted to eat despite it.
Travis said, "Maybe he'll do better with a bottle?" so we took Grey's bottle from him to experiment with Micah (and we put Grey at the breast - we didn't let him starve. Come on!)
But within ten minutes Micah had downed five ounces of milk!
And then, after a nice big burp, he snuggled down on his daddy's chest and went to sleep.

So when Grey woke up at 11 to eat and Micah was still asleep I thought "I'll just let him rest. It's my duty as Mama to give them what they need and Micah needs sleep, even if it means no sleep for me."
But then midnight came and went and then 1am came and a baby cried.
I looked at the clock and thought "There's Micah."
But it was Grey.
And when I went to put Grey back to bed I hovered over Micah to make sure he was breathing, because why on earth was he still sleeping?

But then morning came and both babies woke up starving and I'm trying to figure out how to squeeze 8oz into each of them again before bed tonight - since I bet Micah had like 8oz in his belly, which is why he stayed asleep.
But seriously.

If they had both slept then last night would have perhaps been the best night of my life.
But as is, it was just a regular night.
Too bad.


tammy said...

I have had these nights.
You think you are out of the woods and finally your kids are sleeping through the night and then the next night happens and it is hell.
One day I will miss getting up with my babies so I am attempting to enjoy it.

Carey Griffin said...

Wow go Micah!
I am always wondering how to get more in Eleanor before bed time, too because there is definitely that same correlation between a fully belly and 4 hours of sleep! (That's the longest she has gone so far).

I hear the latching on and off while being fussy is a sign of a growth spurt. :)
Good luck tonight!

Molly B said...

I just started reading your blog- I am a new mom to twin boys as well, almost 4 months old on Saturday- I enjoy reading your blog...check mine out if you're interested...so are your boys identical? They are just darling...

Unknown said...

What bottles do you recommend for a mom who is expecting twins but wants to exclusively breastfeed? I'm planning on using the bottles for babysitters, nights out, traveling, etc. Any suggestions? Love your blog!

Sugardrive said...

i remember those days, momma! growth spurt. i locked myself in the bedroom at one point b/c i felt like i wasn't making enough milk for the girls. so stressful. give it a week, and you'll be in a much better place!

Gillian said...

Total growth spurt! I wonder if getting their bellies full at bed time helps? At 5 months there are just as many crappy nights as there are good ones. But there ARE good ones, you'll have more and more of them...