Monday, May 2, 2011

Mom Ears

When the boys were first home and sleeping in our room I learned that I would wake to even the smallest whimper even if Travis could sleep through them full-out crying.
It's a mom thing.
A fact that was made apparent by my own mother and mother-in-law.
One afternoon while my mom was here she collapsed exhausted in to bed.  Sometime during the next hour someone spilt something in the oven, setting off the smoke alarm right outside her bedroom door. It took us like five minutes to shut it off and she slept through it.
But when I put a cold wet wipe to my baby's butt and he shrieked she was out in the living room within seconds.
She couldn't sleep through the babies making noise.

This past weekend Travis and I slept at his parents, and I spent much of everyday hiding in the back guest room nursing.  With a noise-reducing fan on, and most of the family off in other parts of the house I often had to shout if I needed someone (since you can't just get up if you've a baby at each breast).
Once, after shouting "Carol!" three or four times and getting no response, I pulled Micah abruptly away from the breast and he let out a yell. Within minutes Carol was at the door.
"You heard Micah?" I asked.
"Of course!" she said.
"Did you hear me yelling?"
"Were you yelling?" she asked.

Travis' parents were also kind enough to take the night shift Friday night, and twice I found myself standing in the living room being told to go back to bed, with no idea how I'd gotten there.
Instead of waking up, I'd followed my mom ears in my sleep to my babies when I heard them cry out during a burp or diaper change.

I knew they were fine. I knew they were with Grandma and Grandpa, but some part of me needed to make sure, even if I wasn't aware of it.

I haven't had to chase my kids up a hill, or shout for them to hear me across the park yet, so who knows what other super mama strengths I now have? Mom legs? Mom lungs?
I'm developing a pretty good Mom nose, but it's hard not to smell these boys when they're stinky....
Anyway, I'd love to hear about your Mom Powers in the comments.
And don't worry.
Pictures tomorrow. And they'll be cute.
I promise.

And a vote? I can hear you clicking away.

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Polly said...

I loved the day we went to the park and Kathryn told some strangers that I was back in baby mode. Meaning I could get right up out of bed in the middle of the night and be wide awake. Baby mode is just part of being women. I almost didn't read this post I was going to leave a comment that said I want pictures! I'm desperate!

Kristine said...

I never could have expected that my 7lb 12oz baby (at birth) would be almost double his weight at 4mo having only nursed. He's 15mo now weighs at least 26lbs and looks like a two year old. You can imagine my mom biceps! I don't need to work out, I have a one year old. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm stopping by to tell you I've awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award, so I hope you can stop by and pick it up! I love your blog!