Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nursing 1, Nursing 2

So until this week I had a rule: One baby eats, they both eat.
That means that if one baby wakes up and cries for food, I wake the other boy up and make him cry for his food (and dance for his food).

This worked out pretty well until now, since the boys are usually only about a half-hour apart, an hour at the most.
Until suddenly the babies started having a growth spurt or something.
They want to eat every 2 hours.
And when I say that I mean 2 hours from beginning to beginning.
So at 10am and again at Noon.
The main problem here is that it takes at least an hour to feed them when I feed them both.
Last night was hellish.

They wanted to eat every 2.5 hours, but they wouldn't burp. So they would eat and then stop and we'd have to spend 35 minutes burping them. Then they'd eat again and we'd spend another 20 minutes burping them.
Every feeding took an hour and a half.
So I decided to only feed the baby who is crying. If the other baby starts crying half-way through the feeding he can either be pacified for 15 minutes or get a bottle. If they're both crying then I'll feed them together.
It actually ends up taking about the same amount of time to feed them separately.

Grr, they were doing so good! They were eating fast, burping well, sleeping for four hours at a time...
These babies....
Twin moms all say that at about three months it gets way easier to feed them.
One more month! We can make it!
I am highly determined.

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Brittany said...

Ugh. See THIS is why twins are incredibly hard. My advice is to continue to try to keep them on the same schedule if you can. It got crazy for me when they went through growth spurts at different times. I hope and pray your boys keep the same page. I'm rootin' for you! And I should come over again soon. (Did I just invite myself?) And I LOVE the new look of your blog. I've got to do something cooler with mine!

Becoming Supermommy said...

I found keeping them on the same schedule really helped me a lot. Yeah, it still took almost four months before nursing was well established, and my parents thought I was nuts for waking a sleeping baby to make them eat... but it did get SO much better! And keeping them eating together made it much, much easier when I started leaving them with somebody else once in a while for classes.

Emma x said...

They do have a growth spurt at around 8 weeks, its hard enough with one baby so i can only imagine what its like with twins. I hope it gets easier soon x

Molly B said...

I promise it gets easier- I went through the same thing two months ago with Luke and Will...I was nursing Will and pumping and giving Luke the bottle- it is so hard, I feel you girl...been there just two months ago. Only people who will really get this is twin moms- it is so hard, so demanding moments where you want to cry with them and pull your hair out..but it does get better. Last night my boys slept from 8:30 to 4:30- BOTH OF boobs woke me up since I needed to pump...I promise it does get better.

Sharon Beesley said...

wow, you've breastfeeding twins? you're amazing. i breastfed my daughter (my first child) until she was 18 months and loved it. when i had the twins, it was to a completely unbearable. after three weeks of insanity, i switched to formula. guilt free. haha

Lauren said...

I don't have twins (you go mama!) but I will say that if Violet didn't burp after about five minutes then she just didn't burp. Sometimes she got it out on her own anyway when she was ready. It never seemed to be a problem. I know every baby is different, but something to think about that could be potentially helpful?