Monday, May 30, 2011


The elusive smiling photo.
My babies seriously smile all day long (and all night long, too - which I like less. No fun! Sleep only!) but we haven't managed to get more than one crappy picture on my mom's phone.
This is for two main reasons:
1. If you hold a camera in front of your face the babies can long longer see you and stop laughing at you.
2. If you hold a camera discretely to the side of the babies they always see it and become distracted.

Basically the problem is that our cameras are too big and interesting.
BUT yesterday we managed to sneak these pictures.
Oh my gosh.

I freaking love my smiley boys.

Grey was smiling at me, and I pulled my camera out of it's secret hiding place (my lap) and snagged this.

And Micah was grinning up at his grandma. I actually got a few of Micah before he noticed the camera, but they're slightly out of focus. I was being too speedy to notice.
Today we are driving home, and tomorrow we will be with Travis again. Hurrah!  I can only hope the ride home will be filled with smiles and not tears.
(The ride here, sadly, featured some tears. But only the last two hours...)

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mommatojoa said...

I absolutely LOVE baby smiles!

Carol said...

Super Super cute smiles!!! Love them!!

Fernanda said...

How cute!! I cant wait the day my baby will start to smille at us. He's name is Nicholas and he is 1 month old.

I noticed you use cloth dipers on your babies. I've been thinking about using this type with mine. We are brazilians, and here the idea of using cloth dipers is kinda new.

How do you manage?

Greetings from Brazil!

Wendy said...

These are the most precious pictures! Priceless!

Mary said...

Love love love!!!

Polly said...

Cutest pictures ever! I miss them already!

The Tiny Team said...

Oh those first smiles are just too sweet! Congrats, mama, they are gorgeous!