Wednesday, June 1, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - My Family

I didn't post yesterday because we didn't get home Monday night until about 1am.
We left Montana at 10am, and it should be an 8 hour drive.
And yes.
It took 15 hours. Fifteen. Which means that for every hour that we were driving, we spent an hour parked by the side of the road while I tried to nurse both babies at the same time in a Suburban.
And for every hour of good quiet driving while the babies slept, there were forty minutes of me crouched in between the bucket seats, holding pacifiers in babies' mouths while they screamed and I tried to sing them into contentment.
It was pretty hellish.
So yesterday was spent doing those things necessary to do after coming home from a trip: grocery shopping, doing laundry, snuggling with Travis, getting a haircut, etc.
(I had to go get a haircut, because whilst in Montana - in a fit of spontaneity- I started grabbing handfuls of my hair at random and shearing them off. Yikes. So it needed professional fixing... but now I have bangs, and they're short and I can't decide if I like them...)
But now, hopefully, things will be able to go back to normal.
Until next week, that is, when Travis leaves again to go to Cancun.

So, for Wordless Wednesday (but with words), here are some pictures from the week.
In no order and without anything connecting them besides that they're all from our trip:

My dad and Micah snuggling on the couch.
Since Micah only wants to sleep while he's being held my dad got to have him while he was up at night editing photos.

My brother Jack is almost 14, and he's SO good with the babies. He was really good at putting the boys to sleep, and spent lots of time pacing the halls holding a baby to rock them into happiness.
He was very helpful. I love him.

My sister Kathryn is six, and she was great with the boys too. She loved to sing and talk to them. In the above pictures she's lying in the crib with Grey... 
When I was breastfeeding one night I said to Kathryn, "Go get mom to come take a baby and burp him" 
She replied, "I'll shake a baby for you, and then burp him."
Hmmmm... So close.
Another time I picked up a baby and said "Let's snuggle," and put him at my shoulder and started patting his back. Kathryn said "Hey, I want to be burped. I mean... I want to snuggle."
She's so funny. I love her.

Thanks for all your votes for the past few weeks with the Circle of Moms blog contest. I'm pretty sure I made the top 25.
If you're not sick of voting, please click on the link below. Thanks!

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Also, I just found out one of my girlfriends is pregnant with twins and I'm FREAKING OUT.
GAH! It's so exciting and awesome. I'm so excited and happy for you!


Polly said...

I love the picture of Micah looking at you, so cute. Also dad on the computer is priceless, can we take a picture of him doing anything else?

Courtney said...

Your kiddos are just too freakin' cute!!!! :)

Brittany said...

I love them. And I STILL can't stop thinking about Celia. The girl who connected us is now joining us! Blown away.

Amanda Marie said...

I'm always in awe at how beautiful your little babies are! They're too darn precious! :)

mylittlehome6 said...

Love the part about your sister. Shake a baby and then burp him. Too funny.