Monday, May 16, 2011


Here are some things people like to say to us:
"You're so lucky you had the twins first, because by the time the next baby comes it will be so easy!"
or "You're lucky to have the twins first, because now you don't know how easy just one baby is!"

Are we stupid?
I think that we, if anyone, understand how easy one baby is.
YOU, who have only ever had one baby at a time, do not know how easy it is.

Late one night, as we fed and changed and burped the twins Travis said "Oh my gosh, one baby would be a piece of cake. We could take turns getting up. We could maybe even get five hours of sleep in a row!"

And I'm pretty sure things aren't going to be completely smooth sailing once baby number three comes along, because I'll still have twins. They will still need to be taken care of.
They will probably only be a few years old, and toddlers and children are pretty needy, too.

Oh, and yesterday our brother-in-law said that we don't understand how easy disposable diapers are. We can't possibly understand, because we use cloth diapers, the convenience of being able to take the diaper off and just throw it away.
Well, we did use them for 2 months.
And we still use them at night, or when we go anywhere.

So again, I'm pretty sure we understand even better than he does.



Marge Bjork said...

I don't think you understand how easy having no babies is.....Thought I'd join in there.

Lana said...

People are probably just trying to encourage you so having twins wont scare you off of babies in the future. I don't think anyone understands how easy/difficult having any other people's babies/having babies at different stages of life can be.

Brittany said...

I could have written this exact post. In fact, I've mentioned both these conversations on my blog.I love when people tell me that baby #3 is going to be easy. I wonder, "where do you think my daughters will be?" And I get told all the time that cloth diapering is too hard and I just don't realize it.

Becky, we have the same life.

Mary said...

O you big complainer.

Mel Creates Often said...

Good job on keeping your sanity with twins! I lost so much sleep with one, so I be it's tough. I'm dropping by from the Alexa hop, and I'm your newest follower. I also voted for you in the Circle of Moms and I tried to on the Top Baby Blogs, but wasn't sure if I did it right. Good luck!

Unknown said...
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Marissa said...

Ha! I am pregnant now and have 14 month old twins.....people tell me all the time "it's going to be so easy with one" I always think.....ummmm where do you think my 17 month old twins are going to be?

Unknown said...

Correction: your brother in law said he did not understand why you choose to use reusable diapers.

Also, those looking for offense will always find it. If you really think that all these people trying to empathize with you are seeking to insult your intelligence then you must not be thinking clearly. Sounds like you need to ferberize those twins and get some sleep.

Kelsey said...

Hi, I am a new reader. Oh the comments! During pregnancy and beyond...they never end. Hang in there and if you get tired of smiling or trying to think of something witty to say, just stare. It works wonders :)

able mabel said...

I think sometimes people don't know what to say so they just say something without thinking about what they're "actually" saying...if you get what I'm saying. ;)

MARCIE said...

Just smile Becky. Life is too short to be offended at every unintentional quip.

Anonymous said...

oh I'm so sorry that people try to validate you in a way that isn't satisfactory to your critical view of the world.

Anonymous said...

sorry, that last comment was rude,and I can't delete it. I was trying to say that these people you talk to are trying to be nice to you, and it's not really nice to post such rude things about them.

Anonymous said...

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