Wednesday, June 22, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Hug Your Face

Seriously. I just want to hug and smooch these cuties all day long. (And I do. Because, what's to stop me?)
Getting a picture of the boys together can be hard impossible (see yesterday's post) but I can usually get some cute ones of the boys by themselves.

I call this: The Many Faces of Micah Pitcher.
I want to hold caption contests for some of them.
Like the second one on the top? Hello Ladies. (Look at your baby, now back at me.)

Grey, however, makes crraaaazy faces whenever the camera is put away, but tones it down to staring wide-eyed whenever it comes out.

We weighed them on the regular ol' bathroom scale on Sunday and Grey weighs a whopping 14pounds! Ahh-mazing! And Micah is a close second at 13pounds!
And they are both 24 inches long (according to my tape measure.)

*Oh, and in yesterday's post Grey is in green, and Micah is in stripes.



melifaif said...

Oh my gosh...they are adorable. I adore Micah's face...bottom row, third one. Oh, so priceless. I think I will be able to tell them apart now. I think they are just precious...

Polly said...

I feel a little ripped off because there are more pictures of Micah then of Grey, even though he makes the same expression in every picture I still want to see them all.

The Jacksons said...

Holy big babies! My little girl was born 2 weeks early and was 6 pounds. Now at one she's just barely 19 pounds (if I round up.) she didn't hit 14 pounds until month 8! What do you feed those boys? Love your posts, and your handsome babies.

Anna said...

squee! they are so cute, and micah's stripes kill me. Gosh, how I love stripes.

Jessica D. said...

I'm so far behind on your posts! They are the most adorable babies on the planet. I like Grey's eyes. He looks like an adorable cat. Or a baby monkey. (In a good way). Bottom Third of Micah is his "look". totally looks like Baby Zoolander.

Kristi said...

CUTE!!!!! Your daily posts and pics are amazing for a new mama with two babies!