Monday, June 6, 2011

missing Africa

This time last year Travis and I were in Kenya.
I can't even think of any words to accurately describe how amazing it was.
I hesitate even saying that we were there working with an organization, because I know I would picture a bunch of skinny blond americans passing out bowls of rice, or digging wells and feeling sad for the people and taking lots of pictures and then coming home "changed."
Not that there's anything wrong with that trip to Africa, but that wasn't our experience and I don't want you to picture that.
We were there working with an organization (Komaza), helping them to produce video to promote their work. Travis and I spent three weeks interviewing Kenyan farmers, playing in our backyard - the Indian ocean, and learning how to order lentils and goat meat in Swahili.
Seriously. Amazing.
We met and worked with amazing people from all over the world and are still friends with some of our Kenyan friends. (You can read about our Kenyan and Ugandan adventures on my old blog {here}. I posted several times while we were there, and it's pretty funny and interesting - if I do say so myself.)
Anyway. Here's some footage we took - just for our own records - while we were in Kenya.
We went to film some farmers in a small rural town. It was a family of maybe a dozen people, one of whom spoke English.
And the one man who spoke English left.
So we were in the middle of nowhere with people we couldn't talk to, and the adults seemed to decide that we were helpless and left us with their children while they went to farm.
Here is the result:

Children playing in Kenya from Becky Pitcher on Vimeo.

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Polly said...

I"m so glad you got to have this awesome opportunity before the babies came.