Monday, June 6, 2011

Vintage Babies

I am using the word vintage here as a joke.
Because everyone knows that vintage just means old.
In fact, I would dare to say that vintage is the most over-used word on the blogosphere.
Seriously. Just because you bought your dress at a thrift store doesn't make it vintage.
I know the whole idea of a blog is very self-indulgent, which is an idea I embrace whole-heartedly.
But I always find posts where people take pictures of their own outfits and talk about where they shop to be ... off-putting.
Especially when they label everything as vintage.
I really do have things that I would consider to be vintage, like dresses that my great, great grandmother made.
(And they fit me!)
But not every belted mumu that is stumbled upon at the Good Will is vintage. Some of those mumus are just mumus from the 80s, when everyone dressed poorly.  Good on you, I guess, for making use of old things. But call them what they are: old clothes.
Anyway. Off my soapbox.
(This particular soapbox was found at DI and refurbished...)

These babies do not like to be dressed in such goofy woolen clothes. You can tell by their annoyed faces.
But talk about Vintage: these clothes are reaaaally old.
Micah's little outfit used to belong to his daddy! Yes, that's right. Twenty-seven years ago a different little blond baby wore this outfit.
And Grey's outfit used to belong to his uncle Chris, lederhosen and all!
Look at how awesome it is.
Look at those lamas!

Haha, oh babies. I'm sorry I dress you up and take your picture for my own personal entertainment.
(But I'm not sorry enough to stop.)

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Bevin @ said...

Haha, I agree with the word vintage being over-used.

Hmm. I was reading your "about me" section, and realized that I think we live pretty close to each other. There is only a small portion of Utah that can be considered "dry icky mountain desert." Haha.

Brittany said...

I love this. I agree with everything you said and think your boys are the cutest babies on the planet. We need to start planning their vintage-themed double wedding with my girls. ;)

Polly said...

Travis is only 27 you can hardly call his baby clothes vintage! I can't believe those clothes fit the babies, they have really grown, awesome! We couldn't even consider putting those on them 2 months ago. Pretty soon they will be crawling, that will be so fun and so much work!

Carol said...

You got the clothes mixed up. Travis wore the lederhosen and Chris wore the more practical looking outfit. Those straps were obnoxious then too. I think I pinned them so they were shorter. Obnoxious or not I thought he looked cute in it and it was his blessing outfit so please be a little more tender. I think it was the style back then since Chris and Travis are only a year apart and they both wore knitted outfits.

Becky Pitcher said...

Oh Carol, I LOVE them! I just think they're a little goofy - but definitely cute! I wanted the boys to be blessed in them, too, but they didn't fit.

And Mandey, let's be honest - I post an absurd amount of pictures of myself on my blog. I guess what I think is strange is that people wanted everything to be "vintage."
"Thrifted" is a much more appropriate word.

comparatively said...

Such cuties!

I love how you feel about vintage, because it is exactly what I've been wanting to say for a long, long time. Kudos to you! ;)

MARCIE said...

Oh my darling opinionated granddaughter, you make me laugh! I think it is so fun to have the boys dressed up in daddy's baby clothes! They look so adorable! And big!

Kara said...

I post pictures of myself in clothes on a every other week basis. But most of my stuff is from Target ;)It's for style ideas and to keep myself in check about what I look like - and by that I mean my weight!

I like your blog!