Wednesday, July 6, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Four months

I can make no pretense of being wordless today, but I intend to make up for it by the huge photo dump that accompanies my words today.
My babies are four months old!
Four months, and two days - to be exact.
But since their four month birthday was on a national holiday, I didn't get to come online and write about how awesome they are.
And Dang, are they awesome!

This last month I think they've changed and developed so much, but they hardly look different at all! ({Here} they are a month ago)
But really they are getting less like infants and more like babies every day! They laugh and coo and talk all day long. It's becoming more and more obvious that they can already make choices and decisions.
For example, sometimes when they want to go to sleep (rare), they'll happily coo and ooh and ahh, when I go into the bathroom and turn on the fan and then settle down and go to sleep in my arms within minutes.
Other times, even though they are exhausted, they notice that I'm heading down the hall towards the bathroom and they'll start flailing and kicking and screaming. They're trying to escape me, their swaddle, the bathroom, and -worst of all!- naptime.
They know what they want, and they decide themselves if they'll get it.
They are also getting SO strong.
They hate lying down, and if they're being held they want to be upright, preferably facing out towards the world. They still like to sit by themselves on the couch and watch us.
But they also like to sit on the couch and watch themselves. They'll stare at their hands and feet, and slowly, deliberately move them. They're still not very good at moving their limbs intentionally, but they'll look at their toes and their faces will get red with concentration as they slowly curl and uncurl their toes.
We sat Micah on the couch next to a shiny Cracker Jacks bags and he watched Travis stick his hand into the bag, and followed his hand to his mouth and then would slowly move his jaw - copying the chewing motion that Travis made.
Then he'd look back at the bag and stare at it, slowly moving his hand towards and away from the bag.
Occasionally he'd touch the bag and get really excited. He knew he was close. He was figuring it out.
The boys also like to stand, but their legs stay slightly bowed, and their toes always stay pointed.
Little ballerinas.

They no longer cry and cry and cry if we don't come pick them up when they wake up - but instead they roll over, find their fingers to suck on, and entertain themselves (unless they're really hungry).  The other day I went in to their room and Micah was staring out the window. I guess I was really quiet, because I snuck all the way to his crib and when I said "Hi Micah," he nearly jumped out of his skin.
It was such a grown-up thing to do - being startled by me.
I loved it.

Grey has become really chatty and always is talking and wiggling his tongue. He wakes up and lies in his bed grinning and talking to himself.
Sometimes he'll goo and coo and then laugh and laugh at himself - like he's in his bed telling himself jokes. He also thinks Micah is hilarious, and laughs more at the sight and sound of his brother than anything else.

They are both working so hard at trying to crawl and I think they'll learn really early. If I lie them on their bellies they'll scoot several feet, and if there is a blanket under them they'll pull at it until it's bunched up underneath them and they're lying on carpet.

Every day they become more and more like people, and I just love it.

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Kristine said...

beautiful pics of the boys!

Claire said...

Ohhh BECKY! These pictures are breathtaking! I love how simple they are in black and white. Micah and Grey are the cutest little twins I know. As I was scrolling through, I had the thought that when I have little babes of my own, I'll return to your blog for tips on how to photograph them! You are such a good mommy :)

MARCIE said...

Just when I think I know which one is which it is like you change the labels. I can't believe you still try to swaddle them! Happy Birthday 4 months old! They are beautiful! Love your little stories!

Sarah said...

Aaaww, this is such a cute post! I have been thinking the exact same thing about my babies~they are becoming actual little people and I love it! They were preemies so it seemed like they were newborns for-ev-er.
I love the looks on their faces and you do such a great job capturing them...mine look like deer in headlights half the time because they are facinated by the camera!

~Sarah @ kindalikethebradys

Mary said...

I have such handsome nephews! I love the one of both of them smiling/laughing.

Anna said...

a) that picture of grey having his face smooshed is the cutest.

b) I think that you, having two babies at the same time, must appreciate the fact that they are individuals and people more or earlier than others by way of noticing the differences between them. Other new mamas might just think, I have a baby and my baby does X, because it's a baby. (Did that sentence even make sense?)

c)this also reminds me of a wicked article I read about treating your babies like people, which of course I would link to if I could but it's lost in the interweb now because I never bookmarked it.

Jack Froelich said...

haha the third one down where they are both laughing is hilarious!!

Kristi said...

melt my heart photos here! these boys are *exactly* why I love babies so much!