Thursday, August 4, 2011

5 months

I have two little babies names Micah and Grey. They are five months old.
It freaking blows my mind.

I have so many more pictures that I managed to restrain myself from posting, because seriously, I can't get enough of you babies.
Yes it's true.
Babies, I love you.

One of the biggest changes I've seen in the babies over the last month is that suddenly they have emotions. LOTS of different emotions.
They aren't just happy, sad, hungry, tired.
They're so overjoyed they can't stop laughing. They're mildly entertained. They're surprised. They're curious. They're amused.
They get jealous if they see me holding their brother. They get frustrated if they just can't quite get what they're reaching for. They get so excited that they start this laugh-crying where they hyperventilate a little!
It's amazing. 
When I lie them down by themselves, there are so many different types of crying that go on.
Sometimes they lie there quietly and periodically bellow, like they're saying "HEY! Did you forget that I'm in here?"
Sometimes they whimper, like they're saying "I don't want to be in here by myself, but I'm okay."
 Grey was lying in his bed talking happily to himself, and saw Travis from the corner of his eye. He did a double take and smiled, and then -when Travis made no move to pick him up- started screaming. 
Like he was saying "Now that you know I'm awake in here, you better not leave me!"

The boys move now with so much intention, too. Before when they rolled over they were always kind of like "okay... What just happened?" but now they roll over because they want to! I even saw Micah roll three times in a row to get somewhere!

The boys are also getting really good at grabbing.  Sometimes we'll sit them on the couch, and they'll reach up and take their pacifier out of their mouths and then put it back in.
Then take it out.
Then put it back in.

If we lie something fun like a pacifier or a toy in front of them they'll scoot for it, and just today I witnessed their first real squabble.
Micah had a pacifier, and Grey reached over and took it!
Micah was mad, and grabbed Grey's arm and tried to force the pacifier back into his own mouth.

It wasn't coordinated super well and boys definitely got poked in the face a few times, but it was clear what the boys wanted.
And dang it! they'd figure out a way to get it!

These babies also have SO much to say! I was nursing a few days ago, and Grey pulled off and looked up at me and said SO CLEARLY (that I didn't realize at first that it was him!) "Hey, Dad."
Yeah, he didn't mean anything by it. But it sounded like he was answering a phone. It was aahhh-mazing.

The boys also shove their whole hands and fists in their mouths, as they're teething and LOVE to chew on things. The only problem is that they shove their fingers so far down their throats that they throw up!
Little bulimic babies.

And suddenly when they nurse they don't use shields. One day Grey was eating and he kept clamping down on the shield and yanking it off. Finally I said (maybe spitefully) "Fine, you can just see if you can eat without it."
He latched right on to the breast and has refused to nurse with the shield ever since.
They very next day, Micah did the same thing, except he managed to pull the shield off, spit it out, and then latch back on before I noticed anything.

They look more alike every day, and it gets harder and harder to tell them apart - even for us! Although we can always tell if we get a good look at them, there's no way that we could tell who's who in the middle of the night of they didn't have individual cribs.

And speaking of cribs, they definitely need their own cribs because man, can they move! Last night Micah was screaming and I went in to his room, and he was wedged in a corner of his bed with an arm and a leg both stuck through the bars, and his other leg straight up over the side of the bed. Also, he was on his stomach, so the leg over the side of the bed was bent up awkwardly behind his back.

And maybe you didn't notice, but I'm pretty obsessed with taking pictures of all of their feet together.
Cutest thing ever.

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Suki said...

I love their happy smiles! Happy 5th month birthday to the boys :)
And I freakin adore the left 14th picture. They look so cute!

Polly said...

Picture 14 actually freaks me out a little because they look conjoined. I love all the pictures and really love picture #5 with Grey's sly look. I think this post needs to be a book so you can keep it forever it is so cute and so informative. You will forget so many of these moments when exciting new things happen. I loved seeing how much their personalities are evolving. I didn't even mind playing with Grey at 3 am since I don't get to do it every night. I miss you babies!

Anonymous said...

They are so cute! My daughter will be 1 in a month and honestly 5 months was my favorite stage! She wasn't crawling and getting into everything yet but she was just starting to show multiple emotions and her personality was really starting to show through!

Oh Jazmyn

Tammy said...

These pictures are so cute! I can almost feel their soft skin. I love baby feet too and four is all the better.

Claire said...

Becky, dear. I was giggling through all of these pictures. I love the way you captured their different expressions: surprised, angry, smiley, drooly. Love them so much. Want to hold them so much.

Alissa Moghtaderi said...

This is an especially excellent post today! I really enjoyed it. So many smiles! What happy babies!

Unknown said...

Oh. My. God. They are so stinking cute! I love all the smiles in this post! And LOL Micah is totally about to make Grey cry in that shot where Micah is holding his arm.

Kristi said...

Such beautiful babies and pictures!!