Friday, August 5, 2011

songs for children

There is a children's song called "I have two little hands" (and you can listen to it {here}), and it is the tune that I literally sing everything to All. Day. Long.

I sing like this: 
I have two little babes I hold snug in my arms,
they are tiny and sweet and I keep them from harm.
All through the long hours til daylight is through
they eat and they sleep and they burp and they poo.

Here's another version:
I have two little babies named Micah and Grey.
They are so silly and they luh-ove to play.
They laugh when I tickle their belly and face.
We go on wa-aalks all over the place.

There are many versions of this song. I make up new versions every hour, depending on what I'm doing. 
I have two little babies, here in the tub or I have two little babies who need their diapers changed, etc.

I even started singing it without the beginning "I have two little babies," and begin instead with "If you are a baby and your name is Grey,"
Or "If you are a baby and Micah's your name" (because it's hard to rhyme the next line with Micah)
And now I find myself singing it even when I'm alone!

I'm in my car and I'm driving to Smith's.
I will buy milk and choc-o-lat chips,
When I get home, my husband will say
"Here are your babies, they're ready to play!"

or maybe like this:

I'm making dinner, a nice pot of rice,

I think that with chicken - it will go nice.
We'll eat all our veggies, be healthy and strong.
We need our strength to be up all night long!

So yeah, even the verses that aren't being sung to my kids are pretty much about my kids anyway.
Do you sing everything to your kids? Because, I mean... I sing EVERYTHING.
I can't help myself.
I feel silly when other adults are at the house and I'm belting out,
It's time to be quiet, it is time to sleep.
Now close your lips and don't make a peep.

But even when there's someone there, raising their eyebrows (Oh, did I mention that I'm pretty tone-deaf?) and I feel like a complete moron, I can't stop myself.
I just keep singing

Just close your eyes and lay down your head,
and when you're asleep, I'll put you in your bed!

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Wendy said...

I do the same thing except it's to the tune of Frere Jaque.

I love my babies
I love my babies.
Benjamin and Emma.
Benjamin and Emma
It is time for bed.
It is time for bed.
Goodnight, sweets!
Goodnight, sweets!

Frere Jaque (or however you spell it!) allll day ling with different versions.

Becky said...

This is awesome. I sing to my baby too. Only mine is to the tune of Row your Boat.

Wash, wash, wash your hands.
Eat, eat, eat your food.

I'm glad that I am not the only one who embarrassingly sings made up songs to my kids.

Becky Pitcher said...

I totally sing "Grey and Micah,Grey and Micah" to the Frere Jaque tune!

taryn and taylor said...

we are twin sisters who just found your blog through brittany mangleson's. your babies are precious!

Polly said...

Your just like your mama, who's just like her mama!

Sarah said...

I love your songs! I don't have a baby, but when I do, the poor kid won't know how to speak, just sing. I sing almost everything to my husband, and he's started doing it, too.

MARCIE said...

Oh Becky that is so cute! Do you remember when I made up silly songs while we were traveling? You rolled your eyes back then--age 4. It is good to sing and be happy. Your children will remember that about you.