Wednesday, September 14, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Pjs

We try not to call the boys "the twins," or dress them in matching outfits, or in any way imply that they are the same.
Because they aren't. They may look alike, but they are very different little people with different likes, dislikes, abilities, and personalities.

But man, oh man! I love when they wear matching pjs. 
Could there be anything sweeter than snuggling as a family in the morning?
Clean white sheets.  Matching footie pajamas. No one with especially bad breath.
After the babies slept for TWELVE HOURS.

If you're wondering, the boys had their 6 month check-up and they are both 27.75" long, and Micah weighs almost 16 pounds, and Grey weighs almost 17. 
They're wearing size 9 month clothes.

And no, I didn't put the boys into this position. Micah was sitting behind Grey and decided that what he really wanted was to be on his belly.
So he flopped forward on to his brother.

To be quite honest, they spend much of their time in this way.
Travis thinks they will love to wrestle when they're older.

I hope you have a wonderful, snugly day!

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Unknown said...

12 hours?!! How did you get them to sleep for that long?!?! So jealous! And happy for you!

Krystle said...

Oh they are just too cute!

We are the same...we don't call them "the twins" or match them...but I am with ya, matching PJ's are just too cute to pass up! That is the only thing you will ever see my boys in that's the same!!

Love it!

Anonymous said...

So happy they're sleeping well for you, you deserve it! Love a baby in footie pajamas. I'm glad they make them in larger sizes because they're so darn cute!

Nurse Loves Farmer

Polly said...

I love the pictures. I don't think those pj's actually match, both light blue but that's it. I like that I can tell the boys apart in these photos. Costco has pj's that zip right now for $7.00, fyi.
love you

Mary said...

I love that Micah is practically attacking Grey. AND how happy and cute Micah is while doing it.

Brittany said...

Love this! I used to not dress my girls alike, but I found a few cute outfits that I HAD to have two of and now I sort of can't stop. It's ridiculous. Luckily, we recently went shopping for fall and I didn't get a single matching thing. I was pretty proud of myself. Maybe I've kicked the habit?

You boys are adorable. I am in love with the last picture.

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