Tuesday, September 13, 2011


A few weeks ago, when the boys learned to mostly sit up, I decided the time was ripe to try out the swings at the park. Grey started screaming bloody-murder as soon as his legs were through the holes. "No biggie," thought I, "because Micah is sure to love it." Spoiler alert: he did not love it. I think the swing may have been hot on their bare little legs. We didn't try the swings again until this week, early Sunday morning when it was nice and cool and the park was deserted. And it was highly successful! Although the pictures don't show it, the boys loved the swings, and once their daddy joined the play they were laughing and smiling and screaming with pleasure as he tried to catch them, or threw wood chips at them (boys....?).
Micah loved to suck on the swing... I probably should have stopped this, but it was harder than you might think.
Believe it or not, the boys actually preferred to be in one swing together. I think having their brothers' back against their back helped steady them.

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Sasha Malaeb Sugg said...

Most adorable.
Lilly loves to swing!

Kristine said...

sweet pictures. and it will be nice to compare these to older pictures of them in the swings. :)

Mary said...

O my gosh I love those pictures the boys are so cute I wish we had done double swing time.

Unknown said...

Great photos, I love them, you are a natural photographer.