Monday, September 12, 2011

Baby talk

Somedays my babies let out a pretty constant stream of baby talk. For the most part it's just disjointed syllables or a repeated sound, which often leads to them saying things that sound a mighty lot like actual words.
I could SWEAR I heard Micah say "Hey Dad," and once when I layed him in his bed he yelled after me, "No, Mama! No!"
Once I handed Grey a toy, and clear as day he said "thank you."
And on Saturday as I was dressing Grey in a particularly adorable (and perhaps uncomfortable) outfit, he was practicing his thhh sound. "Pttthhh, etth, ret, haaaa," he said.
I smiled a bit as a shoved his arm into his sleeve, and suddenly he declared loudly (with a bit of a lisp) "I hate thith!"
I started laughing and said, "Poor Grey! You hate this?"
And Grey yelled "YETH!"
Haha, it was awesome.
Who knew I'd already be having such interesting conversations with my children? And only 6 months old...
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1 comment:

Polly said...

I love baby talk. It is so fun!