Friday, September 9, 2011

Fact: it is Friday {Bodies}

Fact: it is Friday: Where I talk about myself. On Fridays.
I don't talk about my babies, unless I want to, which sometimes I might. But mostly Fact: it is Friday is when I'm going to maybe tell you something you didn't know about me.
Or maybe a story from my bucktoothed-childhood or bratty teenage years.

Becky fact 11: I LOVE my babies' little bodies, in a fierce, physical sort of way.

I love their little faces and toes, yes. Their soft hair. Their slightly pointy belly buttons, sure.
But there's something else as well. It's deeper, and a bit more (I hesitate to use this word, but can't really think of an another) primitive.
I want them to cling to me. To have their hot little bodies pressed against mine. To feel their wet, quick breath on my neck when I hold them.
I completely adore breastfeeding them one at a time, lying on my bed, and I place my hand on their chest while they eat and feel their ribs, their muscles contracting, their hearts beating.
They have these fantastic little bodies and I am a teeny bit obsessed with them.
I have several theories on why this may be.
First: I made them. Their bodies were once part of MY body. And, through breastfeeding them, they are still nourished and physically and emotionally connected to my body. So it makes sense for my body to want to be near to them... It's rather like being more of a whole itself, than being several separate bodies. Right?
My second theory is a bit more philosophical, and is best understood with a teeny bit of explaining about my religion. As you may know, I am a Mormon (or Latter-day Saints, as we're really known) and Mormons believe that God created our spirits before He created our bodies.
So picture, if you will, God up in heaven with all of his "spirit children" (aka, us before we were born) saying something along the lines of "I have created a beautiful earth for you to live on" (and we're all like "hurray!").
"But," says God, "you need a body to live there, because you can't fully experience all the awesome things the world has to offer without a body. Like eating, or sex, or the way your muscles burn after you work out, or the way flowers smell, or how water feels."
And we're all getting super excited, because we can't even imagine how awesome all those things must be.
And so, starting with Adam and Eve, God starts sending his children down to Earth to get a body and experience all these amazing things that we could never experience as just spirits.
And so, here's my second thought about why I am so in love with (a a bit obsessed with) the spectacular bodies my sons have: every time they do something new, or try something, or learn something, I find myself thinking "You have been waiting SO long to get to do that. You have been watching and waiting and preparing to get to taste plums for thousands and thousands of years." I feel their little muscles moving and think, "You finally have a little body. Isn't it amazing? Is is all that you hoped for? Isn't God good? Aren't we blessed to have these perfect, intricate, mind-blowingly awesome places for our spirits to dwell?"
And I try to be a bit more grateful for my own body, and the things it can do (umm, like make two babies? AMAZING.)
And I'm wondering what other moms think (and dads, and adoptive parents too!). Do you feel this fierce animal love for your childrens' bodies or if it just me?
And why do you think that is?

And you should write a Friday Fact!


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MARCIE said...

You left out one element that immediately came to my mind: you are a woman! Most of us have that innate desire to love and nurture and to be loved in return. There IS something primitive about it. I felt as you do about the little bodies of my babies. They are beautiful and miraculous and changing and also innocent and totally dependent upon us. They deserve the best we can give them. Some of these things change over the years and some of them never change. You are a wonderful mother Becky! I am so proud of you. You struggle, like we all have, but you always strive to do better and work things out. Sorry to write so much. I think I just wrote a whole post!

Ginny B said...

You are right. God is so good, and our babies are so miraculous. So amazing that you have twin boys. What a blessing!

Sounds like you are enjoying every last moment of their babyhood, savoring each part of their marvelous babyhood with gusto. And that is as it should be. Keep doing what you are doing. You will never regret it.


Kristin said...

i loved every bit of this. it is incredible.

Alissa Moghtaderi said...

That's very sweet. I'm not a person of faith, but your narrative of God's reasoning about our bodies made me smile!

Celia said...

I love Eliza's little body. Sometimes when I see how much she looks like me and/or Nathan, I can't stop staring at her and touching her. God is pretty great, right? I think He made mothers crazy about their kids (and their bodies) :)