Wednesday, September 28, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Summer evening

Those first two pictures (above) are my favorite pictures from the whole evening, even though you can't see either of the boys faces.
There's just so much movement and personality in the pictures. 
Micah is looking back to see what his brother is doing and Grey glances at me, distracted midstep as he plays with his dad.
Sigh. I am so in love with these boys.

So our little family headed up to north Provo on Sunday night to visit our friend (and Travis' business partner) Julie.  She promised us lots of fruits from her garden and we just couldn't say no to that!
So the boys and Julie and I played on the trampoline while Travis picked us some fresh produce.
What a lovely way to spend the evening.  

Micah is such a little ham! I love that face. 
And playing with my phone... he loves that phone.

I had so much fun photographing the boys on the trampoline! Because it was all black, it worked almost like a backdrop in a studio.... but way more fun, obviously.

Oh man, I love those big blue eyes. 

The look of determination in Micah's eyes makes me smile. I'm sure he's coming after my phone or camera. (I'll get it.) 

Then we went on a little walk to visit a house that was for sale and peek in the windows and sigh and wish we had 40,000$ for a down payment.

And the house may have had a swing in the backyard...
Bahahaha, this picture makes me laugh. Grey's made that face ever since he was a newborn. I think it makes him look like a basset hound...
The cutest, gloomiest basset hound ever.

But see? Sometimes he has a sneaky little smile hiding in there. 

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Angela said...

Over the last week or so, I've read your blog from beginning to present. It's amazing to see the boys grow, how much they've changed, etc. but it's equally amazing to see how much you've grown as a mother. :-) I know that if we lived closer to each other...ya two time zones a part, we'd be friends. My husband read a few of your posts with me and he said, "Oh my gosh...she's like a younger version of you...with twins." To which I replied, "I'm only 25!!" Of course, he just meant younger as in the literal sense of the word and not as in "Angela, you're old." Heh. your blog. Loved reading your Mom's and Grandmas' comments. There's nothing sweeter and more applicable than the advice, encouragement, and love from those older and wiser than we. :-)

OH and one more thing. You're doing a great job growing out your hair. ;-) It looks so pretty!

OH and one more thing (for real this time.) If you all are wanting to buy a house, look into USDA loans. You can get 100% financing and if the seller pays your closing costs, you can buy a house for basically nothing. My hubs and I are looking into that right now. :-)


ritabobita said...

I love (almost) wordless Wednesdays! Your boys are so darling.

Unknown said...

Love these pics! Lets hear an update on how your "weaning" is going--how are you avoiding the engorgement? Are you pumping any? Nursing any? Also, are the boys still sleeping 10 hours at night?

Aimee said...

I briefly read Angela's comment, and you can totally get a house without 40,000 dollars down. We're gonna buy one soon, my uncle is my agent, and I'm sure he'd love to help you too. Haha, but seriously FHA loans, and some others only require 3.5 percent down, which isnt much depending on how expensive of a house you're looking at. If you want to stay in the area you should definitely look in to it, rates are lower than ever!