Wednesday, September 28, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday {part 2} - Micah Monster

Two wordless(ish) posts in one day?
It must be your lucky day!

I needed a picture of Micah for something, and set him on a blanket in our front yard, and started snapping.
This is what I got:  A monster.
I also took the liberty of adding speech bubbles, so you can see the sort of things he was yelling at me.
Don't judge him for not having wittier things to say, he's just a baby after all.

 A baby MONSTER, that is.

Just imagine a lot of sniffing, snorting, maniacal baby-laughter and it will be just like you were there in person.

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MARCIE said...

Very funny! I like the speech bubbles! Perfect!

Unknown said...

I wish I knew what sounds he was making during all of this.

Unknown said...

Holy Cuteness! I want to eat that little monster up. I'm so glad you captured this. It probably tells so much about his little (or should I say big) personality! Love you

Brittany said...

These are the FUNNIEST pictures ever. Really, I don't think there are funnier pictures of babies out there. Not of mine, not of yours, not of anyone's. These take the prize. They're fantastic!

mylittlehome6 said...

That is hilarious. He is too cute.