Sunday, September 25, 2011

a love story

Once upon a time there were two people very much in love.
They talked about getting married, and they both prayed about it.
The girl got an answer (He's the one.)
But the boy didn't.

So they kept waiting.

And the girl was very impatient.
She was ready to get married, and she felt confident about their future happiness.
But the boy was more nervous than her.
And he just kept praying and waiting.

He only had 120$ to his name.
And she was practically a teenager.
And they were both still students, so how could they get by?

But one day, he took a leap of faith and he went and took all his money out of the bank, and he bought a ring for 120$.
Just a plain, white gold band. No stone.
And he carried it around in his pocket for a few days.
And he felt okay about it. He even felt good about it.

And he wanted to marry the girl, because he loved her very much.
So one night, he decided it was time.
He called and asked her dad if he could marry her.
And her dad said "Sure. (I've been expecting you to call.)"

So they went on a bike ride.
Then got kicked out of the park by the police.
Then they broke into a water park and climbed up slides and screwed around.
And generally had lots of fun, were silly, and very much in love.

They were lying in the grass in front of the water park when he asked her.
And she could barely say yes, because she was laughing so hard.

So they started preparing for their wedding.
Her sister bought her 150$ dress on eBay as a wedding present.
They paid a student to take their photos.
They printed their own invites on his parent's printer.
And asked her best friend to bake their wedding cake.
They found some friends who would let them hold their reception in their restaurant for like 200$ (although they later moved their reception to an art gallery down the street.)
They served pie instead of cake, because pie is better.
And they biked away from their reception on a tandem bike, with a basket full of flowers.
They honeymooned in Salt Lake and Park City, which are both less than an hour from their new home.

Their new home was a old, spider-filled, one-room apartment in a house.
They paid less than 500$ a month to live there.
It had big windows and white walls.

They hung their copper-bottomed pots and pans on the wall across from the yellow stove and painted the bricks around their fireplace Martha Stewart turquoise.
And their home was happy and clean, and usually smelled like cookies or fresh bread.

They both worked hard and studied hard, and thought happily of the future time when their family would grow with the addition of a baby.
Or a puppy.
And they sold their car to buy a camera, so they could record all their happy memories.
But their landlord said "no puppies."

And one day they decided that they couldn't wait one more day, but they wanted a baby as soon as possible.
And the next week came, and when it went, she was pregnant.
But the home pregnancy test said that she wasn't.
And so did the second home pregnancy test.
And the third.

But she was so tired and sick, and was quite certain she was pregnant.
So they went to the doctor and he said she was already two months along.
And she started this blog about being pregnant, and how she was making a baby.

The couple was very excited. Soon the boy would graduate and the girl only had one year left (which she could totally do with a baby.)
So they started planning.
And one day in November, they went to the doctor to learn if the new baby would be a boy or a girl.

But there wasn't a boy or a girl.
There were two boys.
And the girl couldn't stop laughing again.
Or crying.

And she got very sick. And very sore. And very big and tired.
So the boy took care of her.

They moved from their first home to a new apartment, with three bedrooms and white walls, big windows, and all their pots hung on the walls.
He painted the nursery grey, and she made pillows and curtains for their room.

And then the boys were born.  Perfect. Beautiful. Healthy. Amazing.
Sometimes when she looks at them she cries, because they are so wonderful.
Sometimes when she thinks about how much she loved that boy two years ago, she is flabbergasted that they got married.
Because she thought she loved him then, but it's nothing compared to much she loves him now.

And she finds it hard to imagine loving anything or anyone as much as the three boys in her life.
Some mornings, the boy gets up and plays with the babies and lets her sleep in.
And their house is a bit messier than they'd like.
And sometimes it smells like sour milk instead of cookies, and diapers instead of fresh bread.

And they're still pretty poor.
But you'd never know it, looking at them.
Because they are exceptionally happy and still very much in love.
And the boy has a new business which takes care of them all very well, and the girl writes on her blog instead of going back to school.

And they still don't have a puppy.
But someday they will, and then their life will be even more perfect.
Until then, though, they are pretty happy waiting.
Since so far, the waiting has been perfectly ideal.

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Gilsner said...

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

e photography said...


Carlie said...

That was really sweet!

Becky | Apples of Gold said...

Beautiful story! You should write a book! ... or just keep sharing your story via this blog, which i'm sure will grow more and more popular as you continue to live your happily ever after. =)
This post is really sweet!

JanaFloyd said...

So. Sweet. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Wonderful!! I am SOOO smiling.

Unknown said...

hi there! I found your blog from the "top baby blog" site, and I just spent an hour reading! my identical twin boys were born March 15, 2011, but they were 3 months early (due date was June 9). They were in the NICU for 79 and 81 days. So, they're just about as old as your boys, but still just like 3 month olds. Anyway, I've loved reading and I wish I had found you sooner! This twin thing is crazy, and we've been through a lot, but it's starting to really get fun! thanks for sharing your sweet boys stories!

Brittany said...

Aaaaand I cried a little.


Celia said...

This made me cry. I love you. Nathan still feels sad the Pennyroyal couldn't host your wedding. He thought Travis was so amazing when he met him (because Travis is!). Anyway, you are awesome. We love youuuuuu.

Carly said...

Maybe it's because I'm pregnant but this made me tear up! I love it.

Suki said...

Such a beautiful story about how it all came together.

comparatively said...

This is such a beautiful post! I'm all teary-eyed now, but I kind of like it. :) You have a beautiful family!

Yessy said...


Boni Lady said...

Very well-written love story! Enjoyed reading it! You truly are blessed!

DesigningDawn said...

I loved this. Very beautifully written.

Jordan Jenks said...

Absolutely beautiful.

Emily said...

This was the most lovely. I am really liking your blog, and your adorable baby boys!