Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Kids {part 1}

Today the boys and I went with my brother, sister and mom to pick up pumpkins. Unfortunately we couldn't pick our own, they were all pre-picked in a green house, but that's probably best for the babies anyway since they were finding and eating clods of dirt as is.
This is a part one, because I got an absurd amount of adorable pictures and probably will again when we carve these babies.
Part two will consist of the pictures I took of the boys sitting in a pile of leaves with their pumpkins.
Just wait.
It's a fall explosion of adorableness.

My little sister Kathryn found the pumpkin of her dreams, but then we realized that the farm only took cash! We were able to scrounge up a few dollars and handfuls of change among us, but we decided that perhaps Kathryn's pumpkin was too expensive. Tears ensued.

 I put Micah in a circle of pumpkins, and he may have panicked a bit. He doesn't like to be trapped. Nobody puts this baby in a corner.

 Baby fingers. Baby pumpkin.

Mama and her boys.

Kathryn was singing a silly song to make Micah laugh.

Uncle Jack is so good with the boys!

 Silly. I love.

Kathryn stood behind me dancing and clapping to make the boys smile.

Such a fun day! I can't wait for Halloween. The boys are still a bit sick, but I think that by Monday night we'll be alright taking them "trick or treating" ... although they certainly won't get any candy.


Krystle said...

Nothing cuter than pumpkins and babies. LOVE these pictures!!

Ana {Oh Simply Loving You!} said...

Can't wait for part 2! These babies are just too adorable...

Kayleigh said...

oh my gosh. i laughed out loud with "nobody puts this baby in a corner."

and that first picture in your post was absolutely adorable.

Mary said...

So cute and adorable!!