Monday, October 10, 2011


This was two years ago:

And now we are two kids, two homes, two couches, probably two dozen pies, and a thousand high-fives older.
Man, when we were newly married we'd meet people who'd been married two years and be like "Woah. You guys have been married FOREVER. You are marriage experts."

Well, let me tell you: it certainly doesn't feel like forever.
But, yeah, we're pretty much marriage experts.

Can I offer you a bit of advice?
Marry your soul mate.
Love them (a little obsessiveness is okay).
Make awesome babies.
Be happy.


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Suki said...

I am probably not doing it in this order but I am already on my way. At least I can check the baby off ;)

Unknown said...

Awesome advice. I married my soul mate, I love him to pieces (on the verge of obsessiveness), and we want to make awesome babies sometime next year.

I am happy.

Happy Anniversary!!!

brooke said...

my how it's gone so fast. happy anniversary!

Unknown said...

Happy anniversary! we also had 2 babies (sort of, still pregnant) by our 2nd anniversary! :)