Monday, November 21, 2011


You can put bare butts on the internet, right? When they're so cute?
Here's the story of bath time through the babies' lives:
First, they totally loved it. It was warm, and they stayed wrapped up, and in the NICU they even had a blazing hot heater above them during the bath. Niiiiice.
Then, they liked it. It wasn't awesome to get washed, but they liked the new experience.
When they started to be able to sit up, they liked the bath but wouldn't endure being "bathed." They screamed, they gasped, they choked. They hated it. (And they weren't getting dunked or anything.
Then suddenly, when we were in Montana last month, they decided that they HATED the bath.
They would scream and flail. They would pull themselves up on the edge of the tub and try to throw themselves out. The first time Micah stood unsupported was when he was trying to get out of the tub.

And then, magically, they loved it again.
BAM! Bathtime is now the favorite part of the day again.
Those soft foam letters are the best toys in the house. The water is warm and fun to splash. The slippery bottom of the tub is fun to slide around on. Getting soaped up is silly, and makes them laugh. Chewing on wet washcloths feels good on their still-toothless gums.
It's wonderful.
And I took some pictures for your enjoyment, since we've been a bit picture-free lately.

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Marli said...

how cute! i used to love bathtime...*sigh*...:D

Wendy said...

Oh, I love little baby booties!! Soooo stinken' cute!

Lana said...

Why is Micah's face all red? Also, I baited you to see if you actually did read my blog. Huzzah! But really, contact strips rip the paint off the wall. It's carazay.

Tanei Atagi said...

Baby butts=cute

Fun pictures of those two cute sons of yours!

Unknown said...

sooo cute! I cannot WAIT until my girls are big enough to have bathtime fun. They love the bath right now and I hope it continues. Love the new banner, too!

Anonymous said...

YES! Bare naked baby butts are absolutely accepted and welcomed! Love bath pics!