Saturday, November 19, 2011

pretty pictures

See my suh-weet new header? I'm a teeny bit in love with it.
Here's the story of it existing: My extremely talented friend Jed Henry is a story book man (aka illustrator) and when I offered to take pictures of his gorgeous new baby, it was decided that we would do an "art swap."
Photographs of his baby, in exchange for drawings of my babies.
I'm pretty sure that I got the better deal here, and I'm going to have the picture that he drew printed up and hung on our wall, because seriously? IT IS AMAZING.

Can you tell who's who? Micah on the left in red, Grey in the blue.
Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.

And Jed has recently finished writing and illustrating a children's book called Cheer Up, Mouse, and when it hits the bookstores I'm going to be doing a giveaway. (Hurray for you!)
But that won't be for a while, so until then - please enjoy this little book trailer and get excited for it.
And maybe visit Jedly's {blog} to see some more of his gorgeous work.

(Honestly, I'm no longer pregnant with twins, so what the heck is my excuse for getting teary-eyed every time I watch this trailer? Poor Mouse! So sad, but how wonderful that his friends love him so!)

(... I'm not kidding with the tears, people. I need help.)

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Celia said...

Becky! This fills my heart with everlasting JOY. I am in love with these pictures! Could you blog be any cuter!? I submit that it could NOT!

Tammy said...

Love the header and love the video. Looks like a cute book. What a great illustrator. I wish I could do that.

Polly said...

Provo, the Greenwich Village of the Mountain West. I love that all your lovely talented friends are living the dream and making it.

-Danica- said...

Man that is some serious talent! Love it. And that book looks adorable!

Sharon Beesley said...

so awesome!!

Sharon Beesley said...

just included Jed Henry's video on on a Babble post. Love it!! Can't wait to read the book!