Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lunch Eaters.

Hey. Did you know I have cute childrens? I do. I carry my camera around and take pictures of menial things, like Grey sitting on his dad's lap.
Or the babies eating their bottles. 
Or my very messy kitchen.

This is what I give my boys for lunch. But let's be honest, they ate 1 slice of orange each, all the grapes, most of the toast, and they sucked on all the cheese and then spit it out. 


I can't decide if I love Micah's face or Grey's more in this picture. Too cute, right?

 P.s. Are you like "What does Becky's tiny kitchen / dining room / laundry room look like?" It looks like this. Messy. Grey is overjoyed by something in this picture. What could it be?

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Becky said...

No such thing as too many pictures. Each picture captures a moment that you can really only have once. Those babies won't be babies before you know it and you will be grateful that you have so many pictures.

Unknown said...

I love the name Grey! Awesome! I also love that someone else has a less than perfect looking kitchen!

MARCIE said...

They are the cutest little lunch time crowd!

Unknown said...

We also have a kitchen/dining room/laundry room, haha.

Your boys are seriously cute!