Saturday, February 4, 2012

11 months

Admission: besides the fact that 11 months just sounds too old, it also seems less impressive when I say "My 11 month old can walk, and talk and clap and wave" than "my nine month old can," but goodness knows, that doesn't stop me from bragging. 
Oh, and p.s. I don't just have ONE adorable and brilliant 11 month old.
I have two.

It was very, very difficult to get even a single picture of my children together today. They're just too darn wiggly.
And happy. Dang, these boys are happy.  They are some of the happiest, silliest babies that I know. They're always laughing and giggling. Although, to be fair, in the last week since we've been in Montana, they've been pretty clingy and pathetic. I think it's because Travis isn't here, and this is one of his first trips during which they've been able to wonder and ask about him.  Especially in the morning and evening, when Travis is usually here, they ask "Dada? Dada?"  
About two nights after Travis left for England, Grey was acting pathetic all day, in the evening he started crying for no reason and babbling loudly, as though he was crying to explain what was wrong.
He kept saying, "Dada, dada." I think he was trying to tell me that he missed his daddy.
Micah has become insanely clingy since we've arrived in Montana, and if I pick up his brother he has a complete meltdown. Screaming, flailing, arching his back so he slams his head down on the floor behind him and then he kicks and cries. 
I think that's he's become so protective and jealous of me because Travis is gone and he only has one parent left. Sad boy. 

But it's Grey, who's really shown me that he loves me. Because it is Grey who learned to say Mama. All day long, Mama, Mama, Mama. I love it. The other sound that Grey makes constantly is hissing.  He carries a toy snake around with him, hesssss, hessss, eeethhhsssss.  It's adorable. Sometimes he tries to get you with the snake and he'll tickle your face with it, hissing.
Micah hisses occasionally, but he's more interested in the noise a fish makes.  He does the sign for fish, and upon the request "What does a fishy say?" or seeing a picture of a fish, Micah starts smacking his lips, and waving his hands like a fish.
Micah has started really trying to sign. He signs "All Done," and shakes his finger "No, no," asks for crackers, waves bye bye, and "Night night," he also does a few animal signs, like fishy, frog, and occasionally elephant. (By the way, most of the "signs" he knows are signs that I made up.) But he also baby-signs the same way that he baby talks.  Just like he babbles and copies sounds that I'm making, he's constantly flapping his hands and wiggling his fingers.
He tries really hard to copy what I'm saying. If I say "Jack!" he'll yell "Jaah!" if I say, "I love you," he'll say "Iii uheew" Same number of syllables, same basic sounds. 
He's a good copycat. 

He also is really interested in books.  Unlike Grey, who will sit through a short book or half of a book, Micah will carry me a story, settle himself in my lap, and want to read the same book over and over again, especially when he's tired.  If I am sitting with Grey reading a story, Micah will carry over a book and set in on top of the book I'm already holding, asking me to read that instead. 

The boys are both getting so good at walking and never crawl on the floor anymore unless they're trying to get under something or they're pushing a toy along the ground like a car, (usually making bbbrrrrrr! sounds). They are even starting to run, and they pick up big and heavy toys and carry them around. 
It's kind of amazing to me. 

Grey's favorite books (as pictured above) are the two soft books that his grandma gave the boys for Christmas. He loves shaking the rattles and crinkling the paper in the pages. But he especially loves the little bee, which he rubs on his face (or mine, if he's in the mood to share) and goes "Zzzzz." He'll let me read those books to him over and over, and gets jealous if he sees his brother carrying them around with him. 
Hmm, I notice that this picture says Micah, even though it's clearly Grey. Please ignore the label.
Grey has also become quite adept at climbing, and nothing brings him quite the same amount of hysterical joy as successfully getting himself on to the couch.  He can boost himself up using anything. My legs, the box of wipes, a pile of books, clothes or pillows. There's a big tupperware in my parents bathroom that's a bit higher than his waist, and every time Grey's in the bathroom (aka before or after bathtime) he climbs up on to the box and bounces on his knees. It's pretty cute, since he's usually naked at the time.

Grey is also figuring out how to "help" dress himself.  If he sees me put shoes on his brother, he will pick up his own shoes and rub them against his feet. He'll pick up a pair of pants and repeatedly slam them into his legs. He'll drape a shirt over his head.  He knows that they are clothes and he knows where they go.  
He even picked up a comb the other day and spent a good five minutes greatly upsetting his brother as he tried to run it through Micah's hair. 

They are getting pretty good at eating, although lately the only things that I can be sure they'll eat are graham crackers and blueberries.
SO MANY BLUEBERRIES. They just eat handfuls of them at every meal. Micah also really likes sauteed mushrooms and noodles, and Grey loves to eat sandwiches and Greek yogurt.
They love music, and when it comes on Grey always sings and Micah dances.  They love to play with Kathryn's instruments, going back and forth between the mini guitar and the keyboard.

Also, their hair looks really red, right? Silly.

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Celia said...

They are so beautiful, Becky (but you already knew that, of course).

Celia said...
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Krystle said...

aww...such big and adorable boys.

Angela said...



MARCIE said...

Becky, you could do a book on what to expect from babies from one month to the next. I love hearing that they rub the shoes on their feet and throw the pants on their legs. And how they try to carry big toys! I love that they know what sounds go to bees and trucks, and snakes, and all the rest. So cute! So smart! They will love reading your blog some day!

Anonymous said...

Oh they kill me! So adorable and suddenly they have a full head of hair!

tiffany__dawn said...

i can't imagine having two of my amos! how lucky you are!

ritabobita said...

Oh my gosh! They are so adorable and really are starting to look like two different people and not just copies of each other. Just from pictures I can tell that they have different personalities. Becky, you are a great mom!