Monday, February 6, 2012


Micah has a double ear infection and needs all my love and attention every single moment of the day today, and since I also have another baby... you just have to be satisfied by these pictures of us at the doctor this morning.

 Grandma and the boys in the waiting room.

Micah and I with the doctor.

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kaylie jean. said...

Gabe has an ear infection too! The worst--he hasn't been sleeping. At. all. I hope Micah gets feeling better soon! And I hope he takes his amoxicillan better than Gabe does! Ha!

F as in Frank said...

Hope Micah feels better soon... :( You look so much like your mum; so pretty!

Michelle said...

Poor little guy...having suffered all my life with ear infections, I know what he feels like...give the antibiotics a few days and he will feel much better.

Unknown said...

Oh, that is not fun. Glad that you have a wonderful mother to help take care of you and the boys. Travis should also be so relieved that he doesn't have to worry about you and the boys since you take such good care of them!