Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Birth Story - Color Crayon Version

A few weeks before I came out to visit my family, my mom emailed me a book that my little sister Kathryn had turned in for school.  Considering the fact that the babies were born during the last school year, not this one, I'd say that Kathryn thinks about this a lot. 
I love it.

My Sister. 
Becky is pragnite. I got to poot my hed on hr stumik. I felt the babys kik me on my hed.
(Becky is pregnant. I got to put my head on her stomach. I felt the babies kick on my head.)

She had hre babys. I lockt in the windo finaly. Tha went home, I went with.
(She had her babies. I looked in the window, finally. They went home, I went with.)

Tha are 2 mans. It was fun. "Ho ho."
(They are two mans. It was fun. "Oh, oh" or "ho ho"?")

Things I love about this book:
1. It appears to be a fantasy/adventure book. I mean, there's a dragon on the cover, and a fairy and, of course, a volcano.
2. She seems to get bored of the story half way through, because suddenly it's very minimalist and hurried.
3. My babies are dressed like... elves? I'm pretty sure that that's because of {these pictures.}
4. There's a wheelchair in the babies hospital room, and Kathryn looking through the window. 

See some of Kathryn's other drawings on the blog {Here}.
I can't wait until my boys start coloring! I handed them each a crayon on Sunday and they scribbled for about 30 seconds, before they decided that they'd rather eat the crayons than draw with them.

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Little Gray Pixel said...

Way too cute! "Tha are 2 mans." << PRICELESS.

Angela said...

Oh my goodness! She is so stinkin' cute!


Brittany said...

That is the cutest thing in the history of cute things.