Thursday, March 15, 2012

A few conversations of late

Becky: Will you buy me flowers?
Travis: Um, sure. Maybe. Not today... or tomorrow, but you know...
Becky: You used to buy me flowers.
Travis: Yeah I did. 
Becky: Remember, you used to leave me little love notes outside my door every morning?
Travis: I am really sorry that I misled you.

Travis: I'm going to be traveling the week of the fourteenth.
Becky: What?! Were you even thinking about my birthday?
Travis: Of course, that's why we're leaving after your birthday.
Becky: But it's my birthday week. I want a week long celebration. 
Travis: We'll celebrate the week before. I have all kinds of plans.
Becky: No you don't.
Travis: Yes, I do. I've been making birthday plans.
Becky: Really, like what?
Travis: Well we're going to go out and spend the day together, and eat dinner, you know. Then come home to a party and I will give you  various moderate gifts.
Becky: What is a "moderate gift?"
Travis: Bowl.
Becky: Bowl?
Travis: I said "gifts," right? That could include other dishware. A mug. A plate, maybe.
Becky: I love bowl.
Travis: A lamp. I know you need a lamp.
Becky: I love lamp.
Travis: Do you really love the lamp, Becky?

Becky: He doesn't like Adele's voice.
Travis: Really? Why not?
Becky: He thinks she sounds like an auto-tuned robot that hasn't actually been auto-tuned.
Travis: So, just like a robot then?

I love Travis.
I find him to be perfectly silly.

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Polly said...

You can go out and party while I am over babysitting. You can leave all day or overnight. I'll be fine, I won't take the boys and run. I promise.

Strong Clan said...

Seriously Will and I just had your conversation #1 before he left for work today!