Monday, May 28, 2012


It is not uncommon for one of my boys to wake up a half hour, or earlier than his brother from naptime.
I LOVE this time that I have to spend with my little boy. Just the two of us playing. He doesn't have to share my lap, or my attention.
Grey woke up early on Friday, and we started playing a game called "Escape from Mama's bed."
Every time he would scoot to the edge of the bed, having scrambled away from me, I  would pick him up and throw him into a pile of pillows in the middle of the bed.
He would lie there and laugh for about 15 seconds, then roll over and start crawling as fast as he could to the edge of the bed again.

Oh, how I love this boy. We had a lot of fun.

Also, who are those people with all white, fluffy bedding and uniform crisp white pillows? Do they exist in real life, or only on Pinterest?

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Lisa said...

this series of pictures can be in a magazine.

like an editorial.

in love again, and again.


Amy said...

what an adorable baby! and btw lovely handmade quilt beats out colorless, unlivable bedding anyday.

Brittany said...

These might be my favorite pictures that you've ever taken. I am in love!

Little Gray Pixel said...

Funny, I was just about to say, "Who are these people who have beautiful quilts and fluffy pillows on their beds? Do they exist in real life!" But you do!

And no, I do not have all-white bedding. That would be a disaster! I have a boring old comforter from Target on my bed at the moment. I would kill for your quilt.

Becky Pitcher said...

@little gray pixel
For sums of money, I could be persuaded to make you a quilt. But that's not quite as cheap as killing. :)

Amanda said...

My bedding is all white O_O

I'll tell you how that goes once my boys are mobile...