Wednesday, June 27, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Summer Solstice

Wednesday nights are my favorite ever. Every Wednesday three of my good friends and I get together for our "writing group."
It is the best group.
Usually there is a baby or two there. We spend an hour talking about and critiquing each other's writing.... and then we party. Actually, mostly we talk about writing while we party.
And our party consists of mostly laughing hysterically. 

Last week, on Midsummer's Night (aka, the summer solstice) we decided to have an actual party, with our husbands and babies and hotdogs included. 
There are no pictures of husbands here, because (to Travis' severe annoyance) we mostly ignored them. 

Do you see our husbands? They were off making hot dogs and being left-out of the bacon-wrapped pineapple eating. They were sad about it.

I love the picture of Becca. Clearly she's in the middle of telling a really good story. I am inclined to believe that it was about Capt. Hook.  
And look at Grey, just chilling on Jocelyn's lap! Needless to say, it was a big moment. So I photographed it. 

Okay, that's a makeshift "sandbox." Amazing, right? It was filled with beads and pompoms. My kids LOVED it. (Also, they tried to eat it all. Blech.) 

Why are there so many pictures of these three? Oh, because they're some of the most attractive ladies I know. Also, in the above picture, Tanei is making that face because Jocelyn is telling her that she once made guacamole for a party, and it didn't get eaten. 
 Clearly, this story is not true. Tanei is suspicious of Jocelyn. 

This poor baby got sick halfway through the party! He was very sad. 

 This baby is my favorite. 

So, did you do anything on Midsummer's Night? Or even better, Midsummer's Night Eve? Like, for example, dance around a bonfire with sprites and witches, and probably fauns?
Yeah. So did I. 
Sorry there are no pictures of that party.

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Ciara said...

What a good looking bunch of people! I am almost ashamed to say (not quite because it was raining) but we stayed in and availed of £1 DVD Wednesday from our local video shop. We watched Another Earth and it was beautiful. The weather is slightly better this Wednesday but we are on the third Harry Potter movie (my husband is only seeing them for the first time now) so...

Becca Lee said...

I'm inclined to believe all my stories are about Captain Hook. The interesting ones, anyway.

Bonnie said...

I should not be surprised that you know Becca. It's just funny to hop on someone's blog (whom you don't really know personally) and see someone you went on study abroad with 5 years ago. If you write like she writes, then yes, you will get published.