Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A letter to my boys

Grey and Micah,
We have had so much fun lately. Suddenly, you know how to play together. You always liked each other and wanted to be together, but now you bring each other toys, you chase and tickle each other, you push each other everywhere in your dumb little wagon, and - my favorite- you wrestle.
You wrestle so adorably.
You grab each other around the middle, and push each other to the floor. Then you roll and pull and tickle each other until one of you cries (that is less adorable, but still a bit funny), or one of you gets up and runs.
Then you chase each other, laughing so hard that you have to stop and lean against the walls.
You love to pat each other.  You're always patting each other on the back, or grabbing each other's shoulders. Recently, you were sitting in a cart together and Micah laid his head on Grey's shoulder. Grey stroked and patted Micah's hair, going "ooh, ooh." Then you would giggle and give each other Eskimo Kisses.
It's funny, seeing you with other kids. You want to pat them and wrestle with them, but other kids aren't used to you! They think you're hitting, and most other one year olds hate to be tackled to the ground.
You get so worried when another baby starts to cry (after you've "hit" them), that you usually start patting them quickly on the head, and rubbing their face.
You do this to each other, and it often helps you feel better - but it just freaks other kids out more!
Sometimes I feel guilty, because I laugh, when I should probably be teaching you to be gentler.
You are also getting very good at getting into trouble, and helping each other to do it! A few days ago, after some trial and error, Grey managed to climb on to the kitchen chairs, and then on to the table.
Micah, you watched him, and the moment I snatched Grey off the table, you climbed right up. You'd learned from your brother how to do it.
You always laugh in your beds together. You can see each other in your cribs, and you jump and  make faces and act silly until neither of you can breathe.
I love putting you in your beds for "quiet time" so you can play like that.
It's never quiet, but it's almost always happy.
I love you so much, Mom

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Unknown said...

This is so so sweet. Those boys will be eternal friends and that is so wonderful to have.

They will understand things together that others just won't. They have their own language and use it to do things like getting on the table (or in my sister's and my case... coloring on walls).

I love reading these letters.

travis pitcher said...

Dear Grey and Micah,

I told you I would teach you how to wrestle. You have made me a proud father and you will continue to wrestle on command for the enjoyment of the others and eventually the WWF.