Thursday, August 30, 2012

A list of smells.

Last week, at the Farmer's Market, I tried to convince Travis to buy some lavender essential oils.
"Lavender is my very favorite smell," I said.
And as we walked by a stand of fresh bundles of herbs, I added, "Except perhaps basil."
Oh, and lilacs. I do love the smell of lilacs.
And fresh bread baking.
And hot jam boiling on the stove top.
The way someone's breath smells when they're eating a candy cane.
Peeled peaches.
Rain in the country, like worms and dirt and fish.
And rain in a city, like cement and dust and blossoms.
The way your house smells when you come home from a trip, before you can't smell it anymore.
Freshly squeezed lemons.
Rice Pudding on Christmas Morning.
Syrup warming on the stovetop.
Clean pillowcases as you're falling asleep.
Apple Pie in the oven.
Babies' breath, the breath - not the flower.
Pine needles.
The smoke after you blow out a match.
Newly turned dirt.
Warm chocolate cake.
Banana Bread.
Crispy red and yellow leaves.
Coffee Beans.
Old Spice.
Sizzling Bacon.
Very cold, sharp snow.
Wood shops and sawdust.
Teriyaki chicken on the grill.
Roast after church, especially when you're fasting.
The smell, individually, of my friends and family members.
Books. Old books. Like glue, and ink, dust and paper.
New fabric.
The way shoes smell, when you try them on at the store, taking them out of their crinkly paper.
Hot apple cider.
Hay rides, with the smells of horses, and straw, and carmel apples all together.
And the smell of fall.
And spring.
Winter and summer.
Freshly mown grass, even though it makes me sneeze, and my eyes itch.
I supposed what I'm saying is,  could the Farmer's Market please make an effort to carry a larger variety of essential oils, with which to scent my laundry soap?
Thank you.

And what are your favorite smells?

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Julie Wilding said...

mm mm mm. Makes me all sleepy.

katiefromtheblock said...

Great post!
I love the smell of old books, too! I was happy to read that you like that musty, old smell that somehow manages to be wonderful, too!

Polly said...

The woods, pine needles and wood smoke and fresh air. The ocean, salt and sand. This one is weird but takes me back to my childhood the smell of a boat on the lake, gas/oil, water.

Marge Bjork said...

i love this list.

I can only think to add the cool, pine tree air at my family cabin.

Polly said...

Fresh cut hay, especially after the rain. And road kill skunk (just a whiff). Both these smells are actually quite disgusting, but they remind me of home.


Elishia said...

I love all those smells, I also love the smell of Commet or Ajaxs the cleaners.