Wednesday, October 3, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Adventure Family

The last time that Travis and I went on a hike was two days after we were married. Aka: on our honeymoon
But since Travis came home from his trip to Colorado last week, he has been in outdoorsy-adventure-get-in-shape mode. 
The entire time that we were on this "hike" with the boys (it was less of a hike, and more of an exploration of a dirt path on a mountain...) he kept yelling "We're an adventure family now!"

I guess there's nothing I can do about it. 
Luckily, while I do not really enjoy hikes (or exercise in any form), I do enjoy photographing my family. So I am content to go out and be an adventure family, as well as our adventures are well documented by myself. 

We came across a river, and spent a long time throwing stones into it.

"I don't want you to take my picture."

It took me years to get used to these mountains, but I have to admit, they are stunning in the fall.

"Why are you making me take your picture? I just want to run around."
"I want proof that I came, too!"
"Why do we need proof of any of us? Why can't we just go on a hike and not take pictures?"
"Because I hate hikes and love pictures!"

We spent awhile collecting acorns (or as Piglet would say, "Haycorns")

Oh my cute family. I love you.
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Scott & Ali said...

where is this? it is so pretty. i just went on a fun "hike" around silver lake, which is up big cottonwood canyon. it was gorgeous and very kid friendly.

Brittany H said...

I went to your old blog...and read probably 20 posts. I like newlywed Becky. And she included many pictures of her husband man.
Also, don't let it go to your head that you are interesting. If your head gets to big you will not be able to pick up your children on account of you will tip over.
But yeah. You are kind of interesting.
Also your children are cute.

MARCIE said...

As my SLC cousin would say, "oh, fer cute"!