Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Photo a Day - October 14-20

Did you miss me yesterday?
Travis came home yesterday from ANOTHER trip, and then the car broke down. And Micah was sick and feverish with toothaches, so... I didn't get around to it.
Plus, haven't I mentioned all the stress surrounding my broken card-reader? I couldn't get the pictures off my camera, and was FREAKING OUT. Oh, that's right. I did mention that.
But the pictures have been rescued, and here they are!

Sun: Micah shows off his "Sunday Best" // Mon: Grey picks out his pumpkin on family night. 

Tues: If you drive by this house, now you know where I live. // Wed: Crafting and coloring on my messy desk.

Thurs: Sunset over my backyard. // Fri: Micah is chasing me!

 Sat: Fall! Fall! Fall!

They can now climb into the crib, but only if the side is down. And they still can't get out! // Micah couldn't set down his crackers, so he had to eat like a puppy. // Thinking before coloring. // Creating. 

Apple-Stamping! Or, do I mean body painting? Either way, it was fun!

Micah made his painting himself... Grey did not. // My tidy home! // My MESSY home. // In a tv trance.

 Big boys on the big swings.

Pumpkin patch // My cute house. // Grey, wringing his hands. // A helper! She came and read to the boys, and then did the dishes!

"Please, try on your costume for ONE MINUTE and let me see if it fits!"

 I made new pillowcases! // Spying on my kids in nursery. // Our leaves are changing! // DEVIL EYES!

My house is haunted by the cutest ghouls.

 Cake for breakfast makes happy boys.

 The boys have found a love of coloring. I love it, too.

My backyard looks like this now! // Poor teething Micah. // Sweeping the leaves up. // Autumn walks are the nicest walks.

There's always room for two.

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