Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

You guys better not be sick of pumpkin patch pictures yet. (Say that five times fast, pumpkin patch pictures, pumpkin patch pictures, pumpkin patch...)
It took me a week and a half to edit them, but here they are. Hurray!


This picture is my favorite. Everytime I see it, I bust up laughing. "Hold up your pumpkin and let me take your picture!" I said. This is what I get:

The boys were
1. Not even remotely interested in pumpkins (except throwing them.)
2. Not even remotely interested in being held by their mother, thus all the pictures of Travis with the boys.
3. EXTREMELY interested in the tractors. So what else is new? I think that we have some farmers in the making... except that they weren't interested in the farm, only the equipment...

Then I stopped a passerby and begged her to please take our picture, much to Travis' displeasure. (HE seems to think that we have enough pictures... as if!) So I have a crazy face, because I was engeretically bouncing and tickling my son, to make him smile.
Well, he looks cute. I suffered the consequences. :)

Hope that you managed to get your pumpkins before all this SNOW! (Ohmygosh, I love snow!)

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Polly said...

I could never get get sick of seeing the Pitchers in the Pumpkin Patch, too cute!

Elizabeth said...

Great pictures!

Casey said...