Monday, October 22, 2012

TV people

My children are obsessed with television.
It happened so suddenly. One day, they were too bored to sit through an episode of Curious George, and the next day they were standing in front of the tv screaming for a movie.
Unfortunately for me, my kids are really fast learners. Too fast. If the DVD is already in, they can turn on the tv, and press play. On more than one occasion, I've come out to see the boys sitting on the couch watching Aladin, without any idea how they did it.
Likewise, if the tv is set to the Wii, and the Wii is on Netflix, they can get a movie started. They don't always choose a kids' movie, but they don't mind. They want anything! They are willing to sit through boring food documentaries if it means they can watch tv.
Unfortunately, Travis has been out of town this week, which means several times I've gotten to that point, at the end of the day, where I just want to stick my kids in front of the tv and then go hide.
We've had dinner-picnic-parties twice, where we spread out a blanket on the living room floor, and sit and eat our dinner while watching movies.
Calling it "family movie night" makes me feel less guilty, but right now we're watching a movie, and it's only 9:20am, so what's my excuse?
Well, the excuse is, the boys turned on the movie themselves, so I let them watch it.
I have decided, however, that if the boys are watching tv or a movie, we are watching something boring of my choosing. No Yo Gaba Gaba at this house. We watch the old Disney movies like Peter Pan and Robin Hood, we watch Kipper, and Curious George, Blue's Clues, and that Rudolf claymation. The boys' favorite things to watch are Aladin and Toy Story - they're such little boys. I turned on Tangled, convinced that they would like the singing and action, and they literally screamed and clawed at their faces while it was on. I even skipped ahead to more exciting scenes and they still acted like they were being tortured.
"NOT A DISNEY PRINCESS MOVIE! Don't you know that we're BOYS, Mom?"
As weather gets colder, I am trying to find more indoor activities that aren't tv-watching. The boys have started wanting to color, too, which I love. They sit and think before choosing a color, and pause and stare at the page in the cutest way.
I kind of want to get them a tiny table with chairs for Christmas to color at, and play puzzles, and other crafty things, but I think we're getting them toddler beds, so ... I mean, I don't want to over do it.
So what do you guys do inside (or out) with two nineteen month olds? Regular things like reading stories are twice as hard, and my boys are too messy and impatient to do anything really crafty.
Ohmygosh, I can't wait until they play in the snow for the first time.
They played in it last year, but they were too little to really play themselves or remember it.
I'm excited to go sledding and drink cocoa and throw snowballs.
Oh, little boys.
At least you are fun, and have good taste in movies. I don't mind that I've seen Aladin 12 times in the last two weeks.

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Unknown said...

I don't know if there's an IKEA near you, but they have a tiny table with chairs for $19.99. So that's not much! I bet you could find a nicer one on Craigslist for about the same price, though. And at that price you really don't have to wait until Christmas.

Kaeli said...

I miss your little boys Becky! Glad to hear that they're doing well (and I hope you are too). We miss you, love from the Woods!


-Danica- said...

I second the IKEA table. We bought it and my little girl LOVES it. we use it for coloring, play dough, picnics, etc. And because I only spent 20.00 on it, I don't mind that she gets marker all on the wood parts. PLUS when that one gets too trashed, you can buy another, keep the 2 chairs the original one came with and then you have 4 chairs for when you have more kids! Blammo!

As for indoor activities.. Some of our favorites are things I have found in Montessori books or on blogs for Montessori stuff. And the bonus is you usually have the stuff laying around the house (or its not too much to go buy).