Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Carnival

Okay. It wasn't a carnival. It was a "German Market" (?).
Last night the boys and I joined our favorite neighbors at the This is the Place monument for Christkindlemarkt. It was really sweet, simple, (and did I mention free?). There wasn't really that much going on, but there were a booths selling candy and toys, carolers dressed like a Charles Dickens' novel, warm fires burning, and of course Reindeer! 

The reindeer seemed kind of sad, but the boys loved to see them. And obviously, since we were going to see reindeer, I made the boys wear their reindeer Christmas sweaters.
We were followed by lots of whispers of, "Oh! Look at those twins!" People are much more delighted by my children when they're dressed alike.

A few people even asked if the kids were triplets, including a woman who said, "Ooooh, twosies or threesies?"
Um...? They're twins? Is that what you're asking?

We also bought candied popcorn for the kids, and these delightful pictures happened when Elizabeth said, "Everybody say cheese for a nice picture, and then you can have a piece!"  They couldn't quite figure out smiling, but they made lots of interesting faces.

If you live in the Sale Lake area (with or without kids), I would highly recommend going to visit the Christkindlemarkt. And if you go this afternoon or evening, I think there's some sort of parade (?) and the boys and I may be there again!

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Unknown said...

I'm just going to say it: I wish I lived closer to you so I could meet those sweet boys. You keep inviting people out and well, I like reindeer and hot chocolate and Charles Dickens!

You have a beautiful family, Becky!!

Elizabeth said...

Ahhhh!!! Those pictures are too cute!

Aimee said...

We are going tonight or tomorrow, depending on the weather. pew, i hope it doesn't rain. the parade was supposed to be yesterday around 6. maybe you missed it, but i don't think its tonight. gosh, i love all things german. i cant wait!

MARCIE said...

Love the reindeer sweaters! I can see why people would think you had triplets. Elanor is adorable too! She's a perfect fit!

Brittany said...

The "twosies or threesies" comment made me incredibly uncomfortable. Phrasing it like that makes it sound so...dirty?

People are strange.