Monday, December 3, 2012

Photo a Day - Nov 25 - Dec 1

This morning as I got ready to post this, I realized that I hadn't really checked my camera all week. I'd taken a few pictures here and there, but I was a 100% sure that I didn't have photos from every day. I got pretty mopey, imagining that there were only four pictures on my camera, all from the same day this week. I didn't have pictures, I knew it!
And I didn't. Well, I did. But only a little.
I'm pretty sure that Christmas tree picture was taken a day of two after we put it up, not on Monday, and that one of Micah brushing his teeth was probably taken on the same day as the boys washing their dishes.
But I believe in doing whatever I want. And if I hadn't told you that I was cheating this week, you wouldn't even know.
But that being said, I'm pretty impressed with all the pictures I did have. Good for you, self. The problem with the winter is, it's all dark all the time. It's hard to take pictures. I guess I have to practice using my very gigantic flash...

Sun: Micah and me. Micah's mouth is full of banana. // Mon: Our pretty Christmas tree.

 Tues: "Helping" wash the dishes (aka dumping water on the floor and making soap bubbles. // Wed: Micah brushing his teeth.

Thurs: We went to visit Santa's Reindeer! // Fri: Writing letters to Travis' sister, who is serving a church mission right now. You can write her a letter, too!

Sat: Grey and Daddy. I know half of Grey's face is cut off, but man, I love that picture!

I've also decided that putting up my phone pictures is too much work! So if you want to see all my Instagram photos, follow me @rebeccahlouise

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Bonnie said...

I live in Indiana and we just got a pair of sisters as our missionaries! Maybe we'll end up with your sister(in law, I think) as one of our missionaries! I love having the sisters over for dinner. They're way better company than the elders.

Marge Bjork said...

that tooth brushing picture of Micah is probably the best thing I've seen all day