Monday, November 5, 2012

Photo-A-Day Oct 28 - Nov 3

I call this week's series of pictures, "Good Gracious, Fall! You're finally here!" Every single picture just seems so autumny to me. Although, it has been a tad too warm, if you ask me. Earth, if you're going to give us unnaturally warm weather, I prefer it in February. I am delighted by all chilly weather, frosty mornings, snowfalls, and visible breaths pre-January. After that, it's okay if it's springy. 

 Sun: Micah. Bouquets of sharpened pencils, anyone? (Name that movie?) // Mon: Our tree, almost all orange.

Tues: Up, up and away. // Wed: Happy Halloween.

 Thurs: Micah and Aunt Mary in the backyard. // Fri: Micah wasn't feeling well, so he snuggled with Mary on the couch almost all day.

Sat: Aunt Katie in our leaf-pile. We love getting family visitors!

Micah picked out his own shoes. // Sandbox weather. // Bringing me gifts of leaves and things. // Oh, I just realized that I already posted this pic last week...

 Snuggling with aunt Lauren. // Happy Birthday, Travis! // Mary and Grey look at pictures of themselves. // Micah and Mama take a sick day.

 Our lovely tree. // Our lovely big backyard. // My lovely boy Micah. // Our neighbors had a Harry Potter Party! I went as Mrs. Weasley with Fred and George. My brother was a Gryffindor, maybe Seamus? Katie was Hermione, the brightest witch of her age!

 Our pumpkins this year... not really that impressive.

Micah still gets his bottle, but Grey is weaned off! // Lighting Matches. // Mama and Grey. // Harry Potter!

 Grey and his daddy. I am in love with this picture.

 Peter Pan and Captain Hook with some friends at the library. // Coloring at their new table. // Micah loves to "read" my books by himself.

Micah and aunt Lauren in the cemetery. It's a lot closer than any parks, and we walk there almost daily!

Micah loves to help do dishes. // Everything's more fun with two! // Christmas Season! Halloween is OVER! // Our Nativity is out. I love it, but feel like maybe we should get one for grown-ups, too. :)

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Oh, and maybe you remembered that the boys are now TWENTY MONTHS OLD (!!!!!!), but I haven't done an updates post? As soon as I can force them to take a picture together, you got it. Just one, little men. All I need is one.
(And all I want is a billion.)

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Unknown said...

Fun Pictures! I am also in love with the one where grey and travis are holding hands. So precious. It is nice to keep updated through the blog. Love you guys.

faeriequeene said...

Bouquets of sharpened pencils!!!! It's from You've Got Mail, of course! Said in voiceover (by the character Joe Fox, played by Tom Hanks) of an email being read by the character Kathleen Kelly, played by Meg Ryan.

Just one of my most favorite of all movies ever. It's not Christmas if my mom and I don't watch it during the holidays.