Thursday, November 8, 2012

Quiet Book {Book 1} Pages 5-6

Did you forget about these pages? I have several more pages that are almost done. I just have to finish them for real. Luckily for me, my sweet neighbor let me borrow her sewing machine. Unluckily for me, a lot of the sewing that needs to be done is by hand, and I don't love sewing by hand. If I'm sitting around mindlessly stitching, I'd rather be knitting.
Or eating. But I guess that's not stitching, huh?

Anyway, here are some more quiet book pages. The first one, the Shapes and Colors Page is waaaayy too tricky for the boys to do now. Truth be told, putting all the shapes back in the right place requires a lot of concentration, even for me. But the rocketship, which is one of my cutest pages, is also the boys very favorite page.

Shapes and Colors: This page was really simple to make, though it would have been SO TEDIOUS if I'd stitched around the shapes by hand. Instead I did a sloppy machine job. I didn't even know that colored velcro existed, but after I noticed it once, I started seeing in all craft stores. So I just stitched the shaped, colored velcro to the page, and then made colored shapes to match. Easy Peasy. I was inspired by {this} quiet book.

And The Rocketship: I love this page because it's so cute, but the boys love it because it's so easy to play with. They love unvelcroing the stars and putting them into the rocketship. It's easier than other pages, which have snaps or zippers. The stars have velcro on the back, and I made the rocketship, and then sewed down every side but the top, so it made a little pocket. 
What do you think? To look at all my pages so far, click {here} and leave me a comment, telling me which page is your favorite!

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Kristy said...

I think the circus tent and finger puppets is my favorite of your pages, although they are all adorable! I have a mild quiet book obsession, myself! Have you seen this one... ???

I made her "Star Trek" quiet book last year, and have plans for the "Star Wars" and the "Harry Potter" ones for Christmas! :)

MARCIE said...

I love all your pages, and there are so many! I am so proud of you!