Friday, December 7, 2012

Toddler Beds

Somehow, even though they can climb on to the counter, the washing machine, behind the tv on its stand, on to the couch over the back, and into their cribs, the boys haven't figured out how to climb out of their cribs yet.
Actually, I'm 100% sure that they could climb out in a second. But for some unknown reason, it's never occurred to them that they can climb out. I put them in their beds, and even if they don't want to be there, they just stand and scream (and scream and scream) until I come get them, or they wear themselves out.

It's been awesome. But I can feel the end coming. I know it's going to be any day now, because they've started building themselves obstacle courses. They push chairs, their little table, cushions, step stools, and anything else they can move together and practice climbing over, under and through the jumble of furniture they've created.
It's really funny, and they'll play on the same little "course" for an hour. They've also learned something new this week, "Help! Stuck!"
It's very cute, funny, and probably dangerous. I don't always approve of their obstacle courses, but I try to help them so that they don't precariously balance a step stool on a chair on a table. (That happened. I stopped it just in time.)

We planned on building the boys pallet beds for Christmas because they're really cool, and practically free.
But then I remembered that 1. I can't build things and 2. It's too cold to hang out outside with a sander for hours on end.
Then we saw cute little beds at Ikea for 100$ a piece, and they kind of looked like pallet beds. So that was the plan.
Until, (is the suspense and drama of this compelling story just killing you?) I remembered Craigslist. Duh! I was able to get the boys each a really cool toddler bed, both of which fit their crib mattresses, for less than $80 total.
I've decided to spray paint them different colors (I'm thinking a blue bed and a grey bed?), but I've never ever spray painted or restored anything. So I'm a little nervous (and would love your tips, or links to your favorite tutorials.)
Yesterday, on the way home from someone's house (where we had just picked up bed #2) Travis said, "So what can we spend all this leftover money on?!"
Ha! I wish that spending half of our budgeted price meant that we actually had an extra $120 dollars to spend on Christmas.
Except that I realized that the boys don't really play with toys. They're interested in obstacle courses, whatever I'm doing and holding in the kitchen, and bikes. I CAN'T WAIT to get them these little balance bikes for their birthday! A friend has one, and the boys love it and can almost do it themselves! They just need to be about three inches taller each.) Anyway.
Toddler beds. We're doing it for Christmas.

Any tips and tricks for me? I am afraid for my life.
And for my home.
I'm not afraid for the boys though. They're pretty tough.

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Yolo Momma said...

I redid a hand me down toddler bed for my daughter. We did the transition at around 15.5 months out of pure curiosity as to how she would handle it. The first bedtime was a little CIO, but we managed. She is just a little more than a month younger than your boys. With our son coming in January, I am not worried at all with any resentment of the baby taking the crib since it's been so long of her out of it.

I suggest getting a quart of paint that is a primer/finish coat in one, and go with a semi gloss. As long as there isn't a poly stain on the wood, you shouldn't need to sand it. The perfectionist in me did two coats and let the pain cure for a few days before using it.

Mo said...

You should look into Strider bikes...our boys have them and they can already use them with a little steadying of the handle bars. The seat lowers very far and they love them. It is snowing here, too, so we haven't used them for awhile, but they were able to touch the ground at about 18 months. Here is the website: The other cool things is that they are made in South Dakota, where we live! Good luck with the beds, we haven't transitioned yet, but are strongly thinking about doing it over Christmas break.

Brittany H said...

I have been wanting a balance bike for milo! Dane has convinced me to wait until his birthday, but man. Little boys on bikes. That is cute. Also, I am terrified of the transition to a toddler bed. Terrified.

Unknown said...

Transitioning into a bed was a process, but worth it in the end. It seems to be a safe space for James now. He has a full size twin bed, so he did fall out a lot so we had to get a bed rail, but your beds are probably a lot smaller.

The two things that helped us, was one the online web cam. So we could watch him, while not being in the room. I sometimes found that when I was in the room he would just look at me, or want me to snuggle.

The second thing was sitting in the corner of the room where he couldn't see us while he laid in his bed, and every time he tried to get out, I would say his name or go and lay him back down. He now will not get out of his bed, but will stay and play till he decides he wants to lay back down and sleep.

Oh and third, be consistant, and strict from the start. We went a little lacks on him being able to get out and just play in his room, but then that became the norm. So we had to start over. Good luck and much love.