Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Our Life-Style Session with Brooke Schultz

Maybe you haven't noticed my obsession with pictures of my family. But I don't just want pictures. I want pictures that show off what our family is like. I want pictures in my home. Pictures of messy-faces, and tear-stained cheeks. Pictures of snuggles, and stories, and nothing at all in a studio - ever.
I've been drooling over Brooke's pictures for years, and a couple months ago, she introduced Family Life-Style Sessions. When her mini-sessions went on sale, I had to snatch one up.

And Brooke rocked this session.
You can't tell (at all), from her photos - but Grey was clingy and tantrumy, and Micah had the attention-span of about 5 seconds. He wanted to play with all of his toys, and he wanted to play ring around the rosie, and then he wanted to read half of a story, and then jump on my bed, and then eat a snack, and then... you get the idea. Brooke was only in our home for a half-hour, and in that short time, she captured so much. I feel like she quickly and perfectly understood the feeling that we try to cultivate in our home - and her pictures were aimed at bringing that feeling out.

I love these pictures so, so much. It's hard, being a mama - to get pictures of myself. Because when someone needs tickles, or snuggles, or help building a lego tower, I have to set down the camera and take care of my boys. And even though the moment is perfect, and maybe the light is golden, and we're all well-dressed - that picture never gets taken. So this entire photoshoot was a dream come true for me.
Be sure to look at more of the pictures from our session on Brooke's Blog {HERE.} 
Brooke is about to join the Mama-club, and her perfect baby girl is coming soon, so if any one in Utah wants to snatch up their own family session (and she does some phenomenal engagement and wedding pictures as well), be sure to book her quick. Visit her website, Brooke Schultz Photography {HERE.}
And like her Facebook page {HERE} to stay up to date on deals and updates!

Click on her ad to the right to visit her site (as soon as it's up... later this week), and stay-tuned, for a Brooke-guest post next month. :)

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Unknown said...

I also love these! I wish we could do something like this. Thanks for sharing

Brittany said...

I love these so, so much.

Krystle said...

Lifestyle is my favorite. I love these!

pcflamingo said...

Yay to you for indulging and getting YOU in the pictures! I am the family photographer and have many many pictures of all the family members, except me. Which is OK, sort of. And sort of not.

Elizabeth said...

I totally would if we had extra cash and decent lighting in our house... Both of which we do not have...sad.

brooke said...

Oh, Becky, thank you thank you for being so kind! I love you and your adorable family.